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Zommoros concept art.jpg

Concept art.

Zommoros is a djinn hailing from Elona, imprisoned within the Mystic Forge.[1] He tends to speak through Miyani, rarely granting an audience to anyone else. Although the djinn is imprisoned, the forge itself is able to be moved. Zommoros can change the forge's appearance when he feels festive for holidays.

During the Mythwright Gambit raid, adventurers may enter the Mystic Forge and come face to face with Zommoros himself.[2]


Early years[edit]

Zommoros is a djinn hailing from Elona, and his past is shrouded in mystery. It is implied that he used to occupy the Lair of Zommoros within the Domain of Vabbi,[3] before he was seemingly imprisoned in the Mystic Forge at an unknown point in time. He eventually met with the Elonian human Miyani and began speaking through her, rarely granting audience to anyone else, as they moved abroad and settled into Lion's Arch.

Despite their travels together, Zommoros never told much about himself to his human companion, instead choosing to tell stories of Elona to ease Miyani's mind about the fate of her people under Palawa Joko's regime. However, Zommoros hid his loneliness under a boastful and arrogant attitude but secretly yearned for companionship, and liked having Miyani to talk to.

Living World Season 1[edit]

In 1326 AE, a swarm of unidentified crustacean creatures invaded Lion's Arch. After the initial attack had been thwarted, adventurers sought out Miyani for any information about these mysterious new creatures. She let them briefly converse with Zommoros who spoke about ancient times, claiming to remember when the world was emptier and the continents were a different shape, and revealed the identity of the new enemy as the karka. Zommoros suggested that the adventurers seek out other ocean dwellers such as quaggan, hylek, and largos for more information about the karka, refusing to discuss the matter further as he grew bored of the conversation.[4] Despite his boasts about knowing ancient times, however, Zommoros was often unreliable with his narration, and could not be used as a souce to ascertain how long different aquatic races had existed and whether any of them had witnessed previous Elder Dragon awakenings.[5]

During Scarlet Briar's invasion of Lion's Arch, the Mystic Forge was relocated to the Vigil Keep where Zommoros continued providing his services to adventurers. Once Lion's Arch had been reclaimed, the Mystic Forge returned to the city and was given a prominent spot in the mercantile area.

At some point Zommoros contracted the thief Lemark to steal powerful items for him and sent him to various locations around the world to seek them out on missions that lasted for months. However, upon the thief's return to Lion's Arch and hearing him demand a cut as per their contract, the djinn showed anger and warned Lemark not to use the contract against him. However, Lemark remained adamant and pressed the issue by presenting his magically binding contract which compelled Zommoros to carry out the thief's demand. With a twisted smile, Zommoros provided the object Lemark had wanted, the Reaper of Souls, but in so doing took the thief's life in return.[6]

Mythwright Gambit[edit]

In 1331 AE, Zommoros invited visitors into the Mystic Forge. These visitors, who consisted of curious raiders, came face to face with Zommoros and had to confront various threats as well.



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  • Zommoros and Taimi are the only two NPCs to have been represented by artwork in the dialogue window. However, his image currently can't be viewed as he presently has no dialogue.


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