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Zommoros is a famous[1] water djinn hailing from Elona and resides within the Mystic Forge, seldom choosing to leave his domain.[2] He tends to speak through Miyani, rarely granting an audience to anyone else. Zommoros can change the forge's appearance when he feels festive for the holidays.[3][4][5]

During the Mythwright Gambit raid, adventurers may enter the Mystic Forge and come face to face with Zommoros himself in his realm.[6]


Early years[edit]

Zommoros is a water djinn hailing from Elona, and his past is shrouded in mystery. It is implied, however, that he used to occupy the cave known as the Lair of Zommoros within the Domain of Vabbi.[7] He made a high-stakes bet in a city in the sands, presumably Ahdashim in the Domain of Vabbi, and acquired a tool of creation known as the Mythwright Cauldron which he protected from falling into the wrong hands ever since.

Zommoros formed a rivalry with the fire djinn Qadim and, due to his gambling addiction, ended up owing the fire djinn a great debt, along with making one particular wager that forced Zommoros out of Elona. He was exiled by the Key of Ahdashim who had once considered him for the position of Cardinal of Water if not for his impulsive nature,[8][9] and he was forbidden to return to Ahdashim.[10] Whether his bet with Qadim is the cause is unknown.

Zommoros eventually met with the Elonian human Miyani when she discovered him and three other djinn arguing about which of the four elements was superior in the desert. When Miyani ended the argument by declaring that water was the most useful element to humanity and thus superior to other elements, Zommoros was pleased by the answer and guided her through the Crystal Desert as far as his disposition would allow him. The two eventually left Elona behind together and travelled to Kryta.[11] When Miyani inquired as to why they came to Lion's Arch, Zommoros revealed to have learned about the city many centuries ago from Nicholas the Traveler who spoke well of the place.[12]

Once he and Miyani had settled into Lion's Arch, Zommoros began speaking through Miyani, rarely granting audience to anyone else, in addition to rarely leaving his domain.[2] The djinn also contracted various skritt to work for him in the Forge and used the power of the Mythwright Cauldron to craft various legendary weapon replicas for adventurers who were willing to pay the price for them. Despite Zommoros recognizing that the skritt were hard workers, there remained the odd time when mistakes would occur, which often led to him taking the blame and occasionally apologizing for any perceived thievery.[13][14][15]

He spent some of his time designing various concepts for legendary weapons and relics although he ended up discarding some of these concepts due to them being unwieldy, dangerous, or otherwise disconcerting for focus groups.[16] Zommoros also attempted to enlarge minipets into megapets, but the transformation resulted in the megapets becoming aggressive until they were turned back into minipets.[17]

Despite spending much time together with Miyani, Zommoros never told much about himself to his human companion, instead choosing to tell stories of Elona to ease Miyani's mind about the fate of her people under Palawa Joko's oppressive regime. However, Zommoros hid his loneliness under a boastful and arrogant attitude while secretly yearning for companionship, and he liked having Miyani to talk to.[18] He acquired a taste for wine, gathering adventurers' and gamblers' offerings in his wine collection in the Mystic Forge. After decades of tasting various products, he ultimately declared Jackspruce Jacaranda as the best wine.[19]

At some point in the past, the enigmatic wizard Isgarren visited the Mystic Forge in search of special compounds. Zommoros only learned of the visit afterwards and, due to lack of proper skritt documentation, he was unable to find any record of what items the wizard had tossed into the Forge and what he had received in return. The djinn hoped that Isgarren would return one day so he could inquire the wizard about the nature of his work and where he had been. However, no one had heard from Isgarren for a long time, and Zommoros pondered if something had happened to the wizard since the previous visit.[2]

Living World Season 1[edit]

In 1326 AE, a swarm of unidentified crustacean creatures invaded Lion's Arch. After the initial attack had been thwarted, Lion's Arch started collecting donations to secure their defences, and ready a counterattack against the karka. Miyani convinced Zommoros to aid the city's efforts by packaging the resources for easy shipping, with Miyani temporarily selling the packing paper needed to do so.[20] During this time, adventurers sought out Miyani for any information about these mysterious new creatures. She let them briefly converse with Zommoros who spoke about ancient times, claiming to remember when the world was emptier and the continents were a different shape, and revealed the identity of the new enemy as the karka. Zommoros suggested that the adventurers seek out other ocean dwellers such as quaggans, hylek, and largos for more information about the karka, refusing to discuss the matter further as he grew bored of the conversation.[21] Despite his boasts about knowing ancient times, however, Zommoros was often unreliable with his narration, and could not be used as a source to ascertain how long different aquatic races had existed and whether any of them had witnessed previous Elder Dragon awakenings.[22]

After the threat of the karkas had been dealt with, Captain Tokk and the Captain's Council were busy for several months preparing a celebration in honour of Wintersday. They invited Toymaker Tixx and worked with Zommoros and several engineers to erect a magnificent snow globe above the Mystic Forge, which would go on to house the various Wintersday mini-games, including the Bell Choir Ensemble, Snowball Mayhem activities and the Winter Wonderland jumping puzzle.[23][24][25]

In 1327 AE during Scarlet Briar's invasion of Lion's Arch, the Mystic Forge was relocated to the Vigil Keep where Miyani and Zommoros continued providing their services to adventurers.[26] Once Lion's Arch had been reclaimed, the Mystic Forge returned to the city and was temporarily situated in Western Ward.

Living World Season 2[edit]

In 1328 AE Lion's Arch finished its rebuilding, and the Mystic Forge was given a prominent spot in the newly rebuilt mercantile area. Some of the skritt refugees from the destruction of Lion's Arch were attracted to the Forge, and Zommoros gladly added them to his roster of employees.[27]

At some point, Zommoros contracted the thief Lemark to acquire powerful items for him in exchange for an item from his collection, and sent the thief to various locations around the world to seek them out. After several monthlong missions which nearly got him killed on multiple occasions, Lemark grew to despise the djinn, but did successfully acquire the items he needed through stealing from merchants and slaughtering several beasts. Upon the thief's return to present his findings, Zommoros inspected the items and concluded they were not up to his standards. Hearing this, Lemark threatened to use the contract against the djinn, demanding that Zommoros keep up his end of the deal. The djinn showed anger and warned Lemark not to use the contract against him. However, Lemark remained adamant and pressed the issue by presenting his magically binding contract which compelled Zommoros to carry out the thief's demand. With a twisted smile, Zommoros provided the object Lemark had wanted, the Reaper of Souls, but in so doing took the thief's life in return.[28]

Path of Fire[edit]

Sometime around 1330 AE, Zommoros came across an Elonian human named Sibaha who had entered the Mystic Forge without appointment much to the djinn's frustration. Sibaha questioned Zommoros on a range of topics relating to skimmers and water that the djinn deemed "tedious scientific nonsense." Zommoros told Sibaha to seek out the quaggans of Moshpoipoi in Frostgorge Sound for more detailed information as quaggans knew more about moving underwater than he did. However, the water djinn had neglected to mention that Lion's Arch already had quaggans whom Sibaha could have consulted; his reasoning was to get Sibaha as far away from him as possible, and Frostgorge Sound was far enough to his tastes.[18]

Mythwright Gambit[edit]

In 1331 AE, Zommoros appeared outside the Mystic Forge alongside his skritt assistants with experienced showmanship, inviting people for a tour of the Forge to discover its mysteries. Upon encountering the visitors, who consisted of Scholar Glenna and curious raiders, he made them sign a seemingly innocent and lengthy contract before allowing them deeper into his realm. The raiders quickly realized that Zommoros's magical contract bound them to the Mystic Forge until they fought as his champions in a bid against his rival djinn Qadim who had arrived in the Forge to demand a challenge consisting of three intense combat encounters between the two djinn's respective champions for high stakes.

Once the raiders had defeated Qadim's three champions ranging from the menacing Conjured Amalgamate to the skilled largos twins Kenut and Nikare, Zommoros confronted Qadim and demanded that his debt be cleared and that he also be paid what he had owed Qadim in return. Angered at being bested and realizing what the true power within the Mystic Forge was, Qadim revealed his plan to not only add Zommoros to his menagerie of exotic specimens but also take over the Mythwright Cauldron and use its power to create living, legendary creatures. Horrified, Zommoros revealed that he had deliberately built the Mystic Forge to conceal and protect the Mythwright Cauldron from falling into the wrong hands and warned Qadim not to attempt creating life with it as it could result in twisted horrors emerging.

Ignoring djinn laws and the water djinn's warning, Qadim breached the Mythwright Cauldron where Zommoros and the raiders confronted him in battle. Using his magic, Qadim imprisoned Zommoros in his lamp where the water djinn remained until the raiders broke him free. Upon escaping the fire djinn's lamp, Zommoros aided the raiders in their fight against Qadim with his magic and learned that the fire djinn's ultimate plan was to unleash the horrors created with the Cauldron to wipe out the "unworthy" races from the face of Tyria and become the supreme ruler of all djinn. Disgusted, Zommoros called Qadim mad for succumbing to lust for power.

After a fierce battle, Zommoros and the raiders prevailed over Qadim who fell into the Mythwright Cauldron. However, they witnessed the fire djinn emerging in a shadowy form soon after and gleefully fleeing from the realm while Qadim's lamp lost its power. Zommoros speculated that exposure to the Cauldron's magic had changed Qadim in unexpected ways although he could not say how.

Word of the clash between Zommoros and Qadim spread to Jahai Bluffs in Elona where the Order of Shadows placed bounties on dangerous specimens which had appeared in the region after escaping from Qadim's menagerie.[29][30]

The Key of Ahdashim[edit]

Sometime after Qadim escaped from the Mystic Forge, Zommoros sent his skritt assistant Bezzalak to spy on the djinn of Ahdashim. He eventually received word that Qadim had entered the djinn city. All of Zommoros's attempts to communicate with the city were blocked, however, and he grew worried about his rival's intentions. He considered travelling to Ahdashim and seeking out Qadim himself, but realized that the Mystic Forge required his attention and that he would be unable to take action anyway because his exile had still not been lifted.

The water djinn decided to contact the raiders, who had helped him defeat Qadim before, via a letter. He urged them to investigate Ahdashim and keep it safe in his stead and instructed them to seek out the Key of Ahdashim and the four djinn cardinals for more information. Unbeknownst to Zommoros, however, Qadim had grown in power due to his exposure to the Mythwright Cauldron's magic; the former fire djinn had slain some of the cardinals and corrupted the others as well as dismantled the Key in order to gain access to the magic within the Well of Ahdashim so he could gain control over all the djinn.

The raiders eventually managed to reassemble the Key of Ahdashim and defeated both the corrupted cardinals and the transformed Qadim the Peerless. Instead of granting elemental magic to four cardinals like before or taking all the magic into herself, the Key decided to spread magic to all the surviving djinn throughout the world as she had come to realize that no djinn should lord over others lest they be corrupted like Qadim and the cardinals had been. Even the exiled Zommoros felt magic pouring into him as well much to his confusion.

In the aftermath of the city's liberation, the raiders inquired if the Key would lift the water djinn's exile because Zommoros had been responsible for sending the raiders to assist Ahdashim. The Key did not give a straightforward answer and instead mused that Zommoros would make his presence felt in Ahdashim regardless of whether his exile was lifted or not.[31]

Secrets of the Obscure[edit]

At some point, Zommoros gave a dagger to Isgarren that was in need of tuning. The dagger was so volatile when it was first given that just holding it caused Lyhr to split.[32]


Crystal Desert

Historical locations[edit]


Combat abilities[edit]

  • Master of the Mystic Forge


For historical dialogue with Miyani, see here.

Mythwright Gambit[edit]

Before Conjured Amalgamate in Mythwright Gambit
I promise I'll explain, but not with that giant whatever-it-is threatening my forge!
Talk more option tango.png I'd rather you explain everything right now.
Zommoros: With that giant monster looming overhead? Have you lost your mind? One thing at a time!
(If unlocked the fifth step in Finding Sibaha)
Talk more option tango.png Can we take a quick break to talk about Sibaha?
The presumptious, condescending human with an unhealthy skimmer obsession whom I never want to see again? No.
Talk more option tango.png What?
She had the gall to just...show up! No appointment. No manners. Like I'm going to spend my valuable time discussing flying fish and tedious scientific nonsense.
Talk more option tango.png Okay...
As though being able to control water makes me an expert in hydrodynamics or aerodynamics or geo, cryo, pyro... I don't know! So I sent her on a small journey to Moshpoipoi, to talk to quaggans instead.
Talk more option tango.png In Frostgorge Sound? But...there are quaggans in Lion's Arch.
Yes, but Frostgorge Sound is much farther away.
Talk end option tango.png I can't argue with that.
Talk end option tango.png All right. Good to know.
Talk end option tango.png Fine, but you've got a lot of explaining to do.
While in Sorting and Appraisal
I'll follow in after you. Did you have any questions?
Talk more option tango.png How exactly do you know Qadim?
Zommoros: We've made quite a few wagers over the centuries, like the one that forced me out of Elona.
<Character name>: How many of these bets have you actually won?
Zommoros: Well, to me winning is more of a state of mind.
<Character name>: So, none. Great.
Talk more option tango.png You're terrible at making bets. You have a serious problem.
Zommoros: HAD a serious problem. I wouldn't have made the bet if I wasn't sure you'd win.
Zommoros: I have complete trust in you. That's why I picked—
<Character name>: Tricked.
Zommoros: Uh huh. SELECTED you to help me save the Mystic Forge. It's a done thing. Guaranteed! You've got this.
Talk end option tango.png Let's find that shark.
Before fighting Nikare and Kenut in Arcane Springs
How did Qadim find out about the Mythwright Cauldron?
Talk more option tango.png What is the Mythwright Cauldron?
Zommoros: I'll explain everything afterward. Just know it's not something Qadim should have his hands on.
<Character name>: Really? That's all you're going to say?
Zommoros: I know I have no reason to ask you to trust me since you don't and you shouldn't...
<Character name>: But?
Zommoros: Trust me. Please.
Talk more option tango.png Why would those largos be helping Qadim?
Zommoros: I'm fairly sure it's not because they want to. No creature in Qadim's menagerie is there willingly.
Talk end option tango.png Hopefully we'll get some answers after we take care of these two.
Re-entering when the wing is cleared
So, Qadim's gone, which is good! Of course, he's been...altered by the cauldron, so there's no telling what he might do next. That aside, thank you for helping me save the Mystic Forge!
Talk more option tango.png Just promise me you won't go making bets again.
Zommoros: I'll be more careful from now on. I almost lost the forge. Which means you almost lost the forge.
Zommoros: Too many people depend on me. I won't let them down again.
Talk more option tango.png So, the cauldron is where legendary weapons and armor are made?
Zommoros: Yes, indeed. Each one requires a very specific combination of items, as you surely know.
Zommoros: Any time an adventurer throws them down, the skritt summon me straightaway. It's always a momentous occasion.
Talk more option tango.png Did you build the Mythwright Cauldron?
Zommoros: I did not! I...you could say I acquired it.
<Character name>: Acquired? How?
Zommoros: Oh, it's a very boring story about a high-stakes bet and a lost city in the sands. Blah, blah, blah. I'm yawning just thinking about it.
Talk end option tango.png See you later.

Historical dialogue[edit]

In Lion's Arch, before the release of Mythwright Gambit
  • Every 2 hours Zommoros and skritt come out of the forge. The skritt throw down bags of loot that contain junk items and a few crafting materials.
Mystic Forge Skritt: Make way for the mighty Zommoros!
Zommoros: Citizens of Lion's Arch, have you experienced the wonder of the Mystic Forge? The spectacle? Dare I ask...the CHALLENGE?
Mystic Forge Skritt: Zommoros, Zommoros! How does the Mystic Forge work?
Zommoros: I know what you're asking yourselves: Zommoros, how does it work? The Mystic Forge is an enigma. A mystery!
Mystic Forge Skritt: A mystery! A mystery!
Zommoros: Well, not anymore! I am happy to announce that a special tour will grant a chosen few access to the forge's secrets.
Mystic Forge Skritt: So many secrets! HOW MANY SECRETS?
Zommoros: Not all of them! But still, a lot! If you're one of the lucky few to get an invite, feel free to drop in.
Mystic Forge Skritt: Come, come! Into the Mystic Forge!

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