Nolani Academy Ruins

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Nolani Academy Ruins

Nolani Academy Ruins map.jpg
Map of Nolani Academy Ruins

Nolani Academy Ruins locator.svg
Location within Black Citadel

Black Citadel
Connects to
Haunted Nolani (E)
Ligacus Aquilo (S)

Nolani Academy Ruins.jpg
Nolani Academy Ruins

The Nolani Academy Ruins is an area in the Black Citadel. None of Ascalon's academies of magic remained intact after the Searing. In its prime, the academy in Nolani was known all across Tyria as one of the most prestigious schools of magic on the entire continent. Ambassadors from Orr and Kryta often made special arrangements to have their children study here, even though they were not of Ascalonian descent.


For content available during Blood and Madness, see Nolani Academy Ruins/historical.

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