Centaur War

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The Centaur War is a multi-century old war between the humans of Kryta and the various centaur tribes. Initial skirmishes began around 300 AE, when Kryta was colonized by Elona and began spreading into centaur lands. The war dulled around 1070 AE, taking a back seat to the Charr Invasion and the rule of the White Mantle, and later to the Risen incursion from Orr by Vizier Khilbron. Within the past 50 years, the centaurs had been unified by Ulgoth the Mighty of the Modniir and their efforts redoubled to take back their ancestral land, as the centaurs themselves continue to lose land to live in. At one point, King Thorn of Kryta attempted to propose a treaty, but it was rejected by the centaur leaders.

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