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Why should she care? She has thousands of children now, Cadeyrn. You are either firstborn...or you are simply sylvari.


The Secondborn are the second generation of sylvari that emerged from the Pale Tree. They awakened around 1304 AE,[1] two years after the firstborn. Many secondborn are held in high regard due to their age, though not as greatly as the firstborn. Some secondborn, such as Cadeyrn and Canach, have developed a sense of jealousy over the firstborn, and find them to be egotistical.

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  • During an interview before game release, it was said that "the second generation of sylvari [was] born from the tree about six or seven years after the Firstborn". [3] However, this was changed at the end of Living World Season 1, which was the first time the secondborn's age was brought up in-game.[1]


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