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Pyre Fierceshot concept art.jpg

Look at this hero that stands before you and let him be your inspiration! Pyre Fierceshot, bane of the Flame Legion, led us to freedom from religious tyranny. We owe him everything we are.

Victory Cenotaph

Pyre Fierceshot was the cub of Vatlaaw Doomtooth, the famous scout for the Flame Legion just before the Searing, and grandsire of Kalla Scorchrazor.

Pyre, like most charr of his era, was raised to worship the titans, whose magic facilitated the Searing and the subsequent reconquest of Ascalon. Pyre bore witness to the titans after they were released from the Door of Komalie in 1072 AE and subsequently saw them struck down by King Adelbern and a group of human heroes. This showed Pyre that the charr's "gods" were all-too mortal.

Enraged at the deception of the shaman caste, Pyre was outcast from the legions after killing a shaman and desecrating a temple in 1076 AE. In 1078 AE, his warband was imprisoned along with a group of captured Ebon Vanguard soldiers. They were to be sacrificed to the destroyers, whom a desperate Flame Legion had adopted as new gods. In order to free his warband, Pyre became an unlikely ally of Gwen Thackeray, who grew into the nickname The Goremonger by the charr. After deposing the shaman Hierophant Burntsoul, the Fierce warband incited further revolt, declaring that "there are no gods for the charr". Feeling it would be safer to be elsewhere, however, Pyre left his warband behind temporarily to join in the fight against the Great Destroyer.



  • In the very early days of Guild Wars 2's development, ArenaNet commissioned several "art tests", where 3D modelers would model a character based on concept art, either as part of the hiring process (several of these artists went on to work for ArenaNet) or to help decide on a final art style for the charr. Several of these can be seen in the gallery section above.
  • The Victory Cenotaph shares Pyre's Guild Wars model.

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