Port Stalwart

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Port Stalwart was a Krytan settlement. Newer than Old Lion's Arch, Stalwart was designed generations after the Cataclysm and so had no need of the natural fortifications that Lion's Arch had, with the Guild Wars having long since concluded. Despite its name, it was built to be a vacation town rather than a fortress.

Built on a hillside that rose sharply above the water, the little village had swelled well beyond its banks by 1229 AE. It was home to bustling docks, a massive wharf, and the most active trade community on the coast. The asura traded through Stalwart; on occasion a norn or charr vessel would dock there, risking the ire of humans in the name of profit. While not welcomed, exactly, such vessels had little choice if they wanted to berth a storm.

1229 AE marked the fall of Port Stalwart, as well. An armada of Dead Ships led by the Indomitable sailed into the town one morning, and by day's end, only rubble remained. Its protector, Watch Commander Pierandra, attempted to flee with the crew of the Pride, but the dock she was on crumbled into the water. All the villagers had either fled to the Krytan hills or fallen to join the Risen army, and nearly every ship in the harbour was sunk by the Indomitable's cannonfire.

The last thing the crew of the Pride saw of Port Stalwart were burning buildings and the smoking timber of ships sinking into the Sea of Sorrows.



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