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Rata Arcanum

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Rata Arcanum

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Rata Arcanum map.jpg
Map of Rata Arcanum

Rata Arcanum locator.svg
Location within Draconis Mons

Draconis Mons
(Ring of Fire)
Connects to
Titan's Throat (E)
Scalding Gorge (NE)
Golemancer's Tomb (S)

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Rata Arcanum is an area in Draconis Mons. It is a decrepit asuran colony that has recently been overtaken by the Inquest. When Rata Novus fell to the chak, the survivors, including Zinn and M.O.X., relocated here. However, two years later they angered the local druids who wiped out the entire colony, leaving only a handful of golems behind.

Getting there[edit]

  • From Waypoint (map icon).png Heathen's Hold Waypoint, take the northwest Thermal Tube. After you land, jump across the lava and take the west Thermal Tube. This tube will shoot you very high into the air; open your glider while in midair and glide west until you reach Rata Arcanum.

Locations and objectives[edit]

Renown Hearts
Complete heart (map icon).png Infiltrate the Inquest (80)
Points of Interest
Point of interest (map icon).png Asura Gate
Point of interest (map icon).png Inquest Field Lab
Point of interest (map icon).png Nu II Vault
Vista (map icon).png Rata Arcanum Vista —
Beneath the vista are a series of bouncing mushrooms. The lowest bouncing mushroom is to the west of a rock promentory. Use of Oakheart's Reach will help. Alternatively, take the Thermal Tube from Gate of Fire and start gliding at the top of the flight path towards the vista.





Renown Heart (map icon).png Mark I Golemite


Ambient creatures
Wind Riders

Ambient dialogue[edit]

Inquest Magiscientist: Woo-hoo? I guess.
Inquest Magiscientist: You think Balthazar will notice we're more interested in Zinn than serving him?
Inquest Magiscientist: I survived! I made it to Rata Arcanum!
Inquest Miner: One of the scouts reported a graveyard of Zinn's golems nearby. We need to organize a team to collect their databanks!
Inquest Miner: We'll just do a little excavating while working for Balthazar. What harm could it do?
Inquest Extinguisher: We get closer to finding Zinn's tomb with every day that passes
Inquest Researcher: The data we found indicates he had a device he called a terraformer. Hmmm...Now we can deduce what it was for.
Inquest Researcher: Ow! That hurt.
Inquest Researcher: Who knew, when Balthazar brought us here, that it would lead to the greatest discovery of the century!
Inquest Grenadier: That confirms it! Zinn was terraforming this cavern. There's an odd combination of nature and un-nature here.
Veteran Inquest Extinguisher: Rata Arcanum... A rata in its earliest stages of development. What a discovery!
Veteran Inquest Extinguisher: There's a story here. If only Zinn had managed to finish Rata Arcanum. It could have been an incredible research center.


Crafting resources[edit]

Resource nodes
Mine resource (map icon).png Mithril Ore
Primordial Orchid.png Primordial Orchid
Plant resource (map icon).png Sawgill Mushrooms


  • "Rata Arcanum" translates roughly from Latin to "Hidden Thought" or "Secret Thought".