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The Seers were an enigmatic and magical race who were responsible for creating the original Bloodstone. They were ultimately killed off in a war against the mursaat, leaving behind few potent artifacts and ruins. The ancient Seers were genderless.[1]


During the last rise of the Elder Dragons, the Seers forged the Shadowstone which they used to amplify their own magical abilities. Using the power of the Shadowstone, they created the original Bloodstone to contain all untainted magic, including the jotun's, to hide it from the dragons.[2][3] The Seers allied with the dwarves, Forgotten, jotun, and mursaat to resist the Elder Dragons and survived. During this time, the five races worked together until the mursaat betrayed the other races and fled from the world.

In the subsequent war between the mursaat and the Seers, the Seers were able to develop a defense against the mursaat's Spectral Agony magic. However, it was created too late in the war, and the Seers lost. Seer ruins exist still, but those who find them do not know their origins.[4]

Roughly 250 years ago, one of the few surviving Seers aided some Ascalonian heroes in fighting the mursaat and, intentionally or not, releasing the titans. During the Krytan Civil War, the asuran golemancer Zinn was experimenting with a Seer's corpse,r[5] and Seer magic became an instrumental part of the Shining Blade's plan to defeat the White Mantle and the remaining mursaat during the Battle for Lion's Arch. Before dying, the last Seer bestowed the Shining Blade organization an ancient weapon of Seer origins, which became known as the Shining Blade, and a duty to destroy the last surviving mursaat Lazarus the Dire should he ever return to threaten the world.[6]

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