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Render of the banner used by the Modniir centaurs.

The Modniir centaurs are the leaders of the centaur alliance. They're stronger and meaner, and they have absolutely no pity for their enemies...or their allies.

Seraph Soldier

Modniir are centaurs from the Shiverpeak Mountains who have established dominance over the Harathi and Tamini centaurs in the centaur alliance. They are the ones urging to attack humans and are led by Ulgoth the Mighty.


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  • I'm going to enjoy this.
  • I need help over here
  • To me, my herd!
  • Die, two legs!
  • I'll have my revenge.
  • My blood honors the earth.
  • Slink back to your hole.
  • I'll be ready for you.

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