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Spoiler alert: The following text contains spoilers relating to the story of The Ruined City of Arah (explorable).

According to Randall Greyston in the Ruined City of Arah, the original Bloodstone was a powerful and large stone that the seers created to contain magic that was not corrupted by the Elder Dragons during their last rise. When the Six Human Gods arrived on Tyria and established Arah, they gathered multiple ancient magical artifacts, including the Bloodstone, into their city. In 1 BE, Abaddon used the Bloodstone to gift magic to all the races of Tyria. However, because magic was abused and caused many wars and casualties, the human king, Doric, pleaded to Six Gods to end the bloodshed. The Human Gods agreed - the massive stone was sealed with King Doric's blood (hence the name; it is unclear what it was called before then) and split into five pieces to limit the races' ability to use magic. The first four segments rule over its respective school of magic: Preservation, Aggression, Denial, and Destruction. The fifth fragment, the keystone, is required if one were ever to make the bloodstones one. Once separated, the bloodstones were tossed into the largest volcano on the Ring of Fire, Abaddon's Mouth.

Before the Human Gods left in the Exodus, they entrusted Doric's bloodline with the duty of protecting the bloodstones. Because the four schools of magic are separated, no individual is capable of fully utilizing all forms of magic.

After some time, Abaddon's Mouth erupted and sent the five stones throughout Tyria. One landed back into the caldera of the volcano, while another landed in the Maguuma Jungle, in a place now known as Bloodstone Fen. A third crashed through the Shiverpeak Mountains and resides in the Bloodstone Caves within the mountains. The locations of the last two are still unknown.

Centuries ago, when the White Mantle were in power over Kryta, the mursaat utilized the bloodstones along with their soul batteries to utilize souls in order to power the Door of Komalie and keep the titans at bay. Each of the bloodstones have an effect on the area around them, such as the Aura of the Bloodstone and the Curse of the Bloodstone. The second, however, may be caused by the soul batteries on top of the bloodstones, as it is said that those killed on top of the bloodstones cannot be resurrected and the soul batteries take in the souls of those killed on the bloodstone.

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  • According to Jeff Grubb, the bloodstones' fate will not be revealed in the initial release of Guild Wars 2, but may "have an influence in future expansions."[1]


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