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Garden Heights

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Garden Heights

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Garden Heights map.jpg
Map of Garden Heights

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New Kaineng City
Connects to
Naksi Bay (NW)
Baedal Hill (E)
Power Plant (S)
Kaineng Docks (SW)

Garden Heights.jpg

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Garden Heights is one of the uppermost areas in the New Kaineng City. It is a place for the Xunlai Jade's dragonjade technology trade show and tech demos, where the player can learn different jade tech mechanics.

Locations and objectives[edit]

Renown Hearts
Complete heart (map icon).png Help Xunlai Jade test and promote jade tech (80)
Waypoint (map icon).png Garden Heights Waypoint —
Points of Interest
Point of interest (map icon).png Garden of Enlightenment
Point of interest (map icon).png Pool of Tranquility
Point of interest (map icon).png Tae-Jin's Estate
Point of interest (map icon).png Temple of Preeminence
Vista (map icon).png Garden Heights Vista —
Mastery Insights
Mastery point (End of Dragons).png New Kaineng Insight: Pool of Tranquility



Jade Mechs


Reinforce Armor (map icon).png Anvil
Renown Heart (map icon).png Elora
Merchant (vendor icon).png Shopkeeper
Research Merchant (map icon).png Xunlai Jade Sales Associate



Ambient creatures
Jade Brotherhood (neutral)

Ambient dialogue[edit]

At the entrance to the Garden of Enlightened Thought
Jade Bulwark: Did you know that Joon's first dragonjade innovation was a light bulb?
At the southern entrance to the Garden of Enlightened Thought
Jade Bulwark: Xunlai Jade, bringing you back to the true meaning of nature: innovation.
In Xunlai Jade's Garden of Enlightened Thought (around Garden of Enlightment)
Aristocrat: This place is an absolute mess... To mix regal grasses with Shing Jea wildflowers! The nerve. The nerve.
Aristocrat: Ah, a groundskeeper! I'd like to lodge a complaint about your choice of tsuga lilies—I'm a bit of an expert, you see.
Agitator: Bastards. Pushing this corrupt jade tech down our throats.
Agitator: I was told that sleeping near a jade battery can make you grow a third arm. Is this true? Answer me!
Xunlai Jade Sales Associate: You interested in flying one of Xunlai Jade's newest bots? They're fresh off the production line.
Xunlai Jade Sales Associate: You look like someone who really appreciates some technological innovation. Care to give one of our jade bots a spin?
Xunlai Jade Sales Associate: Our teleportation technology has earned the Ministry of Safety's highest rating for reliability and molecular cohesion!
Xunlai Jade Sales Associate: My mechs pack a punch. Why don't you grab a battery charge and give one a go?
Xunlai Jade Sales Associate: Does your jade bot need a charge? Pick up a battery over here and keep on flying!
Xunlai Jade Administrator: With Xunlai Jade's amazing new zip-line technology, nothing is ever too far away! If you can see it, you can reach it!
Near the jade statue of Empress Ihn
Lord Seong-Jin: Darling, sweetie - you're going to give your mother an aneurysm if you keep joking about moving to Echovald.
Eun-Young: Papa, I'm not "joking". I'm taking the job! Imagine the research I can do there... The cathedral is rich with history.
Lord Seong-Jin: What about all the gang violence? Every day I hear report after report about Speaker and Brotherhood attacks—
Eun-Young: I'll be fine, I promise! Aside from a ghost or two, the ruins should be perfectly safe!
On the base of the stairs leading to Tae-Jin's Estate
Aristocrat (1): The Ministry of Security is incompetent, if not entirely ignorant. I welcome Xunlai Jade's willingness to help.
Aristocrat (2): Are they helping, or profiting?
In Tae-Jin's Estate
BOT-LER: Come one. Come all. Experience innovation, technology, and the smoothest pour of prickly pear gin in Kaineng.
Lady Jang-Mi: Who invited the Tyrian?
Lady Jang-Mi: I saw a thing the other day in the market. They bought a fish. It was remarkable.
Lady Jang-Mi: When I was my daughter's age, there weren't any bots to clean up after me. I swear, she doesn't know how lucky she is.
Sir Soo-Gook: I'd love to learn more about the music in Kryta. See how it compares to ours.
Sir Soo-Gook: I've seen a lot of...unfamiliar faces around Kaineng lately. It's a nice change of pace.
Myung-Soo's headquarters
Myung-Soo: They don't appreciate you the way I do. I'm just trying to pull Kaineng into the modern era! This is innovation!