Ogre Revolt

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Kralkatorrik flies overhead.

The Ogre Revolt was the onslaught on Ebonhawke created by newly created branded ogres and hyenas, led by Chief Kronon, shortly after Kralkatorrik awoke and flew south. At this time, a celebration was being held in honor of Queen Jennah for the fixing of Ebonhawke's asura gate and the promise of refuge and support by Kryta. The branded slaughtered an encampment of charr laying siege to the city fortress before breaking through their walls with ease and began to slaughter the Ebon Vanguard and Seraph inside. Logan Thackeray showed up to defend Jennah and in turn recruited the aid of charr prisoners within the dungeons to fight alongside the humans. Even with this aid, however, the branded were still winning with ease until Jennah created an illusion of Kralkatorrik transforming the humans. At the end of the battle, Jennah ordered the charr to be set free due to the new threat.

There were 133 Seraph slain during the event, including Logan Thackeray's brother Dylan. The conflict was indirectly responsible for the dissolving of Destiny's Edge, as Logan deserted his friends to save Queen Jennah.