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The Canthan calendar is used throughout Cantha. Non-Canthan cultures often use CC to refer to it, but in Cantha, the year 1 CC is simply the year 1.[1]

Unlike the Mouvelian calendar (BE/AE), which divides the year into four seasons aligned with the elements, the Canthan calendar is broken into 12 months of 30 days each, with 360 days in a year.[1]

Mouvelian seasons Canthan months
Season of the Zephyr, days 1-90 Changhai
Season of the Phoenix, days 91-180 Zalfawn
Season of the Scion, days 181-270 Nemnai
Season of the Colossus, days 271-360 Yundinfang


  • In Central Tyria, asuran scholars have acknowledged 5 more days in a year for the Mouvelian calendar, increasing the day count from 360 to 365.[2] It is currently unknown how it affects, if at all, the Canthan calendar.


  • 1335 AE corresponds to 1845 CC.[3]
  • Most months of the Canthan calendar have names whose origins are lost to history and predate the empire by centuries. Only two—Changhai and Kainengtah—have relatively recent origins.[1]
    • These months, which bookend the Canthan year, are named for two Canthan emperors: Kaineng Tah, the Lord Emperor who united the Canthan clans; and Chang Hai, a prince who followed the path of the hero and became Ascendant before taking the throne.

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