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The Brotherhood of the Dragon is an ancient order of dwarves that revered, but did not worship, Glint.[1] They followed Glint's teachings alongside those of the Great Dwarf and looked towards her wisdom. Following the Transformation of the Dwarves in 1078 AE, the Brotherhood descended to the Depths of Tyria alongside other stone dwarves to fight Destroyers, leaving Ogden Stonehealer as the sole remaining member of the order above ground. The Brotherhood was succeeded by the Zephyrites and the Exalted who would continue carrying out Glint's legacy plan centuries later.


After the Forgotten had purified Glint from the Elder Dragon Kralkatorrik's corruption, a group of dwarves recognized Glint's importance in preserving the races of Tyria from the predations of the Elder Dragons and how she could be instrumental in ending the vicious cycle of Elder Dragon awakenings. These dwarves founded an order named the Brotherhood of the Dragon and became the keepers of Glint's legacy, forging an alliance with her and letting her into their minds.[2] The Brotherhood believed in accordance to the Legacy plan that Glint could become an Elder Dragon one day.[3] They held a shrine to Glint in Droknar's Forge, where they could communicate with her via a Vision of Glint. Some dwarves viewed the Brotherhood's connection to Glint as blasphemous to their beliefs in the Great Dwarf.[1]

At some point before 1078 AE, Vlast, the first of Glint's scions, was born. He was intended to play a large role in Glint's legacy, her plan to preserve Tyria's magical balance by replacing Elder Dragons with equally powerful but less predatory entities. Destroyers came for Vlast during Primordus's first rise, but he was protected by the Brotherhood of the Dragon inside a fortress, a tiny shard of sand within the massive Crystal Desert. During 1078 AE, when the Great Destroyer rose, many members of the Brotherhood underwent the Rite of the Great Dwarf alongside King Jalis Ironhammer to turn into stone dwarves.

As the remainder of the dwarven race underwent the Rite and descended to the Depths of Tyria to fight the Destroyers head-on, the Brotherhood of the Dragon brought their teachings to a number of Elonian humans, the first of the Zephyrites, to carry on their culture, traditions, and philosophy of Glint's teachings as well as to help protect Glint's legacy.[3][2][4] Some of these Zephyrites would later undergo a Forgotten ritual to become the Exalted.[2][5]

The last "living" member of the Brotherhood of the Dragon is Ogden Stonehealer, who resides in the Durmand Priory.


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  • In Hidden Arcana, Ogden refers to the order as the Brotherhood of the Dwarves.


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