Claw of the Khan-Ur

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The Claw of the Khan-Ur is an ancient charr artifact that resided within the ruins of Ascalon City. It is described as a ungue with two blades jutting forward and two blades backwards, set with four gems; red, black, gray, and gold, for each of the children of the first Khan-Ur. It also contains a part of the original Khan-Ur.[1] It was last seen just before the Foefire, being wielded by the imperator of the Flame Legion at the time to prove his right to become the next Khan-Ur. It now hangs within the Imperator's Core within the Black Citadel.

In order to keep peace between the charr High Legions and Krytan humans, the Vigil set up a team to retrieve the claw from Ascalon to bring peace and allow the races to join forces against the Elder Dragons. After being retrieved, the Claw was given to Smodur the Unflinching as part of a peace treaty.

Due to the Claw of the Khan-Ur having been lost for hundreds of years, it is now unknown to the populace whether the Claw of the Khan-Ur holds magical power, or if it is merely a symbolic weapon that gained legends or was even imbued with magic over time.[1]


  • The book Ghosts of Ascalon explores the expedition to retrieve the Claw from Ascalon City.
  • Before Guild Wars 2's release, it was said to be visible within the Imperator's Core, however it has not yet been found in-game.


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