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Some must fight, so that all may be free.

— Vigil motto

The Vigil is a military order dedicated to fighting the Elder Dragons and their minions by force of arms. They believe that the only way to defeat the Elder Dragons is to unite the races of Tyria and to face the minions of the Elder Dragons wherever they appear. The Vigil wants to face the Elder Dragons directly, testing Zhaitan's power in the hope that such methods can one day be used against the dragon itself. They believe that the Elder Dragons grow more powerful as each day passes, and that those who do not fight now are giving the world away by standing passively aside. They intend to be an army of light against the onslaught of darkness.


The Vigil was founded by the charr Almorra Soulkeeper shortly after the creation of the Dragonbrand in 1320 AE. The events that led up to its founding came to be known as Almorra's Massacre.

It is known to have a base in Lion's Arch along with having its main base at the Vigil Keep, located in the Gendarran Fields. In 1324 AE, the Vigil acted as go-between to negotiate a peace between the charr and the humans, to allow them to turn their armies against the Elder Dragons.

Personal story involvement[edit]

Players may join the Vigil during their personal story at the end of the level 30 story mission. Joining the Vigil leads you to work with Warmaster Forgal Kernsson.


The Vigil has several levels in its organization.

Enlisted: The rank and file of the Vigil. Specialized soldiers also fall under this rank. Ex. Engineers, Mechanics, Medics.

  • Recruits: New members of the Vigil.
  • Crusaders: Common members of the Vigil. There are multiple levels of crusaders, as some are seen in a command position over others.
  • Tacticians: Intelligence-based soldiers and strategist specialists.

Minor Officers: Strategists, and leaders of the Vigil.

  • Sergeants: Senior crusaders who lead squads of soldiers.
  • Lieutenant: Minor officers of the Vigil.

Masters: Senior leaders of the Vigil. Specialized officers fall under this rank. Ex. Supplymaster, Quartermaster, Siegemaster.

  • Captains: Officers of the Vigil. A title for leaders of ships, and leaders of companies.
  • Warmasters: Leaders of the Vigil. A title reserved for those renowned for skill in weapons or strategy. There are multiple levels of warmasters, as some are in command of other warmasters themselves. Ex. Warmaster Efut.
  • Grand-Warmaster: Second-in-Command of the Vigil. Currently Laranthir of the Wild.
  • General: Leader of the Vigil. Currently Almorra Soulkeeper.


Heart of Maguuma
Shiverpeak Mountains
Maguuma Jungle

Armor and weapons[edit]


Welcome to the Vigil.
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