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Disambig icon.png This article is about the landmark in Kessex Hills. For the city version in Secrets of the Obscure, see The Wizard's Tower.

Wizard's Tower


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The Wizard's Tower is a floating structure at the southeastern edge of Kessex Hills looming over the town of Garenhoff, once rumored to house magical tomes and artifacts. The tower is supposedly owned by a reclusive wizard Isgarren, who helps and protects local people, but is almost never seen in person.


During Guild Wars, the Wizard's Tower was located off Kessex Peak at the central southern edge of modern Kessex Hills, and has been moved to its current location by Isgarren at some point between the events of the two games.[1] In 1072 AE, it was targeted by individuals such as Galrath and Justiciar Marron of the White Mantle for the secrets it supposedly held within.[2][3] The cult of the rogue necromancer Verata was also found near the tower after the Searing although it is unknown if Verata and his cult sought its secrets. The Wizard's Tower has been relocated to its present location sometime after these events, possibly by Isgarren.[4]

Primary article: The Wizard's Tower

In 1336 AE, the Wizard's Tower suddenly disappeared, and the people of Garenhoff were dismayed by such an event.


  • The Secrets of the Obscure announcement trailer shows the Wizard's Tower disappearing in a magical explosion following the opening of a portal within it. The tower itself disappears ingame after completing the Interlude: Forward story step.
  • In an interview narrative designer Jeff Grubb stated the main similarity to the Wizard's Folly tower in Ascalon to be the connection with the ground via chains. He also teased that the Wizard's Tower may have relocated to both be at a safe distance from populated areas while experimenting with particularly powerful energies and to move away once something has gone "horribly, horribly wrong."[4]
  • Narrative designer Peter Fries has joked that the Wizard's Tower has a shocking and terrible secret.[5]


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