Village of Shaemoor

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the area. For the area as it appears during Halloween, see Village of Shaemoor/Halloween.

Village of Shaemoor

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Map of Village of Shaemoor

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The Village of Shaemoor is a province and village within Queensdale, just outside Divinity's Reach, led by Mayor North. It is constantly attacked by bandits. On rare occasions centaurs manage to reach here, but most of the time they are held back by the seraph forces stationed at the Shaemoor Garrison.

Locations and objectives[edit]

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Points of Interest
Point of interest (map icon).png Trainer's Terrace
Personal waypoint (map icon).png Shaemoor Cemetery





Merchant (vendor icon).png Baker Claudette
Merchant (vendor icon).png Dena
Merchant (vendor icon).png Fishmonger Scipio
Reinforce Armor (map icon).png Kian
Scout (map icon).png Watchman Rebec


Ambient creatures


Ambient dialogue[edit]

Jorbin: Have you seen the mayor doing anything strange lately?
Caleb Jones: Why? You want his job?
Jorbin: No! I just care.
Jorbin: How can we help him?
Dornus: Who?
Jorbin: The mayor.
Dornus: Take care of the bandit problem and we'll all feel better.
Jorbin: What level of insanity is acceptable in politics?
Seraph Guard: All politicians are crazy. Just accept the fact and get on with life.
Jorbin: The mayor looks tired.
Loralei: He's got a tough job. But even with all the stress he's okay, right?
Jorbin: I think we should keep an eye on him.
Jorbin: You think I could do a better job running this town?
Yuna Trinn: One foot after the other. It's easy to forget the world's problems when you only focus on your next step.
Jorbin: I'm not sure that answered my question.
Villager (1): Lock your kids in at night. That's when bandits are at their boldest.
Villager (2): Blasted bandits! Who wants kids underfoot all evening?
Villager (1): Captain Thackeray must be dedicated to make rank so young.
Villager (2): I know! Too bad he only has eyes for the queen.
Villager (3): I'm not sure I trust him. He's too good looking. Too handsome, too slick.
Villager (1): You would say that.
Villager (1): Your son joined the Seraph, didn't he?
Villager (2): Yes, but I haven't heard from him in months. I'm worried sick.
Villager (1): He's stationed in the old Ascalon settlement, isn't he?
Villager (2): Yes. Last we heard, the centaurs were making a push down from the north.
Villager (1): The next letter you send, tell him we're all very proud of him here in Shaemoor.
Villager (1): I hear the sylvari live beneath a giant tree that's the size of a city.
Villager (2): What I wouldn't give to see that.
Villager (1): I have to head into the city later to pick up some new tools.
Villager (2): Mind if I join you? I have a few errands to run myself.
Villager (1): I've never actually spoken to a norn. They intimidate me.
Villager (2): They aren't so bad, once you get past all the shouting.
Gravekeeper Dumpy: Four, five, six... Why am I counting the graves again!
Gravekeeper Dumpy: You never know when one might go missing!
Gravekeeper Dumpy: They can do that? Just climb out and shamble off?
Gravekeeper Dumpy: Well, not like that. That would be crazy!
Gravekeeper Dumpy: The weeds need watering again.
Gravekeeper Dumpy: You mean, the flowers. The flowers need watering.
Gravekeeper Dumpy: What'd I say?
Gravekeeper Dumpy: What was that? I heard a noise.
Gravekeeper Dumpy: Just your imagination, stupid. Don't be such a scared moa!
Gravekeeper Dumpy: I'm not afraid of nothin'. Well, maybe bandits, and bats... and mustaches.
Gravekeeper Dumpy: Did you pull the weeds and water the flowers?
Gravekeeper Dumpy: (heavy sigh) Pull weeds, water flowers. Pull weeds, water flowers.
Gravekeeper Dumpy: Did you dig the new grave? No? Well, I guess I'll have to do it.
Gravekeeper Dumpy: Watch out! The bats are back.
Gravekeeper Dumpy: What bats? I don't see any bats.
Gravekeeper Dumpy: Are you batty? They're everywhere!
Gravekeeper Dumpy: Only in your belfry.
Villager (1): Food prices are rising.
Villager (2): Everything's scarce with all the raiding going on.
Villager (1): You got the stud?
Villager (2): Depends. You got the gold?
Villager (1): I think you know the answer.
Villager (1): What's with all the bandit incidents?
Villager (2): Those guards need to drink less and do their job!
Villager (1): Maybe I should join the bandits.
Villager (2): "Maybe I should join the bandits". Do you realize how naïve you sound?
Villager (2): You don't just "join" the bandits. They're not a social club.
Villager (2): They're a buncha thieving murderers!
Villager (1): Geez! Can't a guy dream of a better life?
Villager (1): Have you see my dog?
Villager (2): No, is he loose again?
Villager (1): Have you ever actually traveled by asura gate?
Villager (2): A few times. It's a strange sensation, but totally safe. Or so I'm told.
Villager (1): I swiped some rations from the Seraph.
Villager (2): They're too busy fighting ponies to notice, I bet.
Seraph Soldier (1): Why do the centaurs keep attacking, anyway?
Seraph Soldier (2): To get our apples.
Seraph Soldier (1): I'm serious. This war has been going forever. Do we even know why it started?
Seraph Soldier (2): And I tell you it's the apples. They're worth fighting for.
Villager (1): I'm going to meet my future husband this year. The fortune-teller said so.
Villager (2): Lemme guess, he'll be rich as a merchant, strong as a Seraph, and smart as a scholar.
Villager (1): Exactly! Do you know where I can find him?
Villager (2): In your dreams.
Charles: I want my favorite shirt.
Villager (1): It's not dry yet. You'll have to wait
Charles: No! I don't want to wait!
Villager (1): Don't use that tone with me, young man.
Villager (1): Oh dear. I don't know what I'd do if I saw a bandit.
Villager (2): For all you know one of your friends could be moonlighting as one.
Child (1): Betcha can't catch me!
Child (2): You just watch. I've been training all week!
Child (1): I've seen siege turtles faster than you!
Child (1): Hey, what's that?
Child (1): (laugh)
Child (2): (squeal)
Child (2): All right, I surrender!
Child (1): Success!
Child (2): Okay, you be the asura, and I'll be the charr.
Child (1): I wanna be the charr.
Child (2): No way. You've got the bigger ears.
Child (1): Fine, you be the hairy, oversized cat, then.
Child (2): Prepare to suffer!
Child (1): Oh, man. This just isn't my day.
Child (2): That's far enough.
Child (1): Do your worst!
Child (1): All right, I surrender!
Child (2): (squeal)
Child (1): (laugh)
Old Woman: That's enough.
Old Woman: Ah, now that's a view.
Child (1): Wow. I bet I can see all of Tyria from here.
Child (2): Wow, pretty!
Nicholas: I'll be Logan.
Bertie: I want to be Zojja.
Catherina: Zojja's a girl.
Bertie: So what?
Lulu: He can be Zojja if he wants. I'm Caithe.
Nicholas: I will serve Queen Jennah until I die!
Lulu: Quit stepping on my leaves, or the queen will be lonely pretty dang soon.
Roger: Rrrrawwrrrr. Quit fighting. We have a dragon to kill!
Lulu: Rytlock, you need to use your magic sword, and Eir, you better get your axe.
Nicholas: I'll give the orders here. I'm Captain Logan Thackeray of the Mighty Seraph.
Catherina: Norns don't take orders from nobody. Just so you know.
Nicholas: It's the enemy!
Lulu: Run away!
Bertie: Boop boop beep biddle dee breep. (whistle)
Lulu: What are you doing, Zojja?
Bertie: I'm talking to my golem. I'm teaching it how to make cheese and pickle sandwiches.
Catherina: You really are a genius, little one.
Nicholas: I'm hungry.
Ande: I'm gonna get you, chicken!
Charles: Don't step in the lava!
Farmer Niklas: Get off my field. You want bandits to grab you? Go home where it's safe.
Marie: Ooh! Bandits. They're after us. Run!
Villager (1): Centaurs were right at this very spot.
Villager (2): I can almost smell them. Filthy barn animals.
Villager (1): They would've burned Shaemoor to the ground if we hadn't fought them off.


Gwwlogo.png The Guild Wars Wiki has an article on Shaemoor.
  • West of the Shaemoor Waypoint, near the watermill, there is a gopher that dramatically turns its head. This is a reference to the popular viral video known as the Dramatic Chipmunk.
  • There is a sign in front of the Inn in Shaemoor. The front reads: "Today's Specials! Drake Kebab, Skale Fin Soup, Pahnai Salad, Creme Brulee, Red Bean Cake" with the back reading: "Happy Hour! 4-7 afternoon favorites! Sugary blue drink, bottle of grog, flask of firewater, eggnog, spiked eggnog, vial of absinthe, witch's brew, hard apple cider".