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Waiting Sorrow

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For beings that know "all," I don't know enough. Not about myself.

— Waiting Sorrow

Waiting Sorrow is an ancient female kodan Wizard. She is a former member of the Wizard's Court, and former leader of the Bastion of the Celestial,[1] and left relatively recently on somewhat precarious terms.[2] Before leaving, Waiting Sorrow crafted the Heart of the Obscure, a device that channels emotions and can open and seal rifts, and left it behind for another Wizard to find. She was the mentor, as well as close friend or even soulmate, of the ancient female jotun Dagda.[3][4][5]


Early years[edit]

At some point over a thousand years ago, the kodan Waiting Sorrow joined the Wizard's Court led by Isgarren. As part of the procedure, she was made to forget core memories of her life pre-ascension.

As centuries passed, Waiting Sorrow began to harbour reservations against the Wizards, as a desire to know more about herself and her past grew and haunted her. Upon voicing her reservations to Isgarren, the Seer asked the kodan if she would like to die, to which Waiting Sorrow declined. This conversation would only further the kodan's desire to depart from the order.

She also crafted the Heart of the Obscure, a mysterious device capable of opening and sealing rifts in The Mists by channelling emotions, as well as pointing the user to the nearest rift. She left this device on her desk in The Wizard's Tower.[2]

Waiting Sorrow, still a Wizard, abandoned the order in secrecy, leaving behind an Old Letter for her close friend and apprentice, Dagda, to find. The kodan left in a hurry, fearing that Isgarren would stop her if he knew, as the immortal Wizards are forbidden from leaving the order with their powers intact.[3][4][5] The exact date that Waiting Sorrow left is unclear, but it was "over a century ago" according to the Astral Ward[6] and may be referenced in the An Unofficial History of the Wizard's Court, dated 716 AE.[7]

Later on, Mabon wrote in his journal how he saw Waiting Sorrow in Frostgorge Sound watching her fellow kodan[8]. It is unclear when this happened, though the presence of kodan in Frostgorge Sound marks it happening no earlier than Jormag's awakening in the Far Shiverpeaks, which forced the kodan south, in 1165 AE.


  • As a millennia-old kodan, Waiting Sorrow was born during a time when most kodan had two names, a tradition still in use by the kodan of Still Waters Speaking. Their first name, referred to as "Koda's Promise" is based on a characteristic wished by the family or tribe of the newborn kodan cub, such as "humble", "stoic", "aiding", or "noble". The second name, referred to as "Koda's Gift", is one of nature, such as "mountain", "thunder", "cloud", or "cove". A handful of sanctuaries, however, used pliable names which changed based on circumstance and mood, describing singular things and lacking a first or last name. These sanctuaries would eventually be pushed south into the Shiverpeaks following Jormag's awakening.[9] Waiting Sorrow, based on her name, might have belonged to one such sanctuary.


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