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This Organizations list provides a brief overview of various groups and factions in Tyria.

Player Character's guilds[edit]

Destiny's Edge 03 concept art.jpg Destiny's Edge
A famous adventuring guild in Tyria dedicated to stopping the Elder Dragons. Every member is considered a living legend and a hero.
Dragon's Watch.jpg Dragon's Watch
An adventuring guild in Tyria dedicated to stopping the Elder Dragons.

Multiracial organizations[edit]

The Orders of Tyria[edit]

Pact banner.png Pact
The Pact is the greatest alliance Tyria has ever seen, and the union of the three great orders of Tyria with the stated purpose of defeating each of the Elder Dragons one by one.
Durmand Priory banner.png Durmand Priory
A scholarly order dedicated to protecting knowledge and lore of the world.
Order of Whispers banner.png Order of Whispers
A secretive ancient order with roots in Elona, working behind the scenes to safeguard the world against large threats.
Vigil banner.png Vigil
A military order dedicated to fighting the Elder Dragons and their minions by force of arms.


Lionguard banner.png Lionguard
The Lionguard is a military group that once acted as the defenders of Kryta. They can be seen as the defenders of the merchants of Lion's Arch, and are a major authority in the pirate-riddled town.
User Incarnazeus Black Lion Trading Company Logo.png Black Lion Trading Company
A trading company operating in Central Tyria.
Consortium banner.png Consortium
A mercantile corporation.
Bandit emblem.png Bandits
A loose association of criminals reportedly funded by mysterious benefactors high-up in the Krytan government. There is also a group of Elonian bandits who appear to be separate to the Krytan group.
Hamaseen emblem.jpg Hamaseen
The Hamaseen are a criminal and smuggling group led by Zalambur and operate mainly around the Crystal Oasis.
Jade Brotherhood banner.png Jade Brotherhood
Canthan tinkerers unconcerned with morals in opposition to Xunlai Jade.
Aetherblade logo.png Aetherblade
Technologically-skilled pirates in alliance with the Inquest.
Captain Barnicus.jpg Pirates
A large group of crews that often terrorize rural Kryta. Some of the most well-known crews are the Covington and Cutthroat pirates, alongside Wiley's Buccaneers.
Ro Venombite.jpg Mercenaries
A group of mercenaries hired by a fiery divine being. They are mostly composed of charr and humans who fight for profit instead of religion or faith.
No image available.svg Ministries of Cantha
Cantha is the home to many ministries which deal with various parts of everyday life of the Empire from security to trading.
Order of the Crystal Bloom.jpg Order of the Crystal Bloom
The Order of the Crystal Bloom is a group of followers of the scion of Glint. The order includes Awakened, Sunspears and former members of the Zaishen Order.
Zaishen graffiti.jpg Zaishen Order
The Zaishen Order is a guild that holds tournaments to honor and protect holy places. Once holding sway over the Battle Isles, they protect Tyria against forces of darkness.

Racial organizations[edit]

Asura organizations[edit]

No image available.svg Arcane Council
The main governing body for the asura, regulating laws and projects.
Inquest banner.png Inquest
A loose association of generally amoral asura scientists with the goal of preserving and gaining knowledge by whatever means necessary.
College of Dynamics banner.png College of Dynamics
An asuran college that focuses on application of research and practical results.
College of Statics banner.png College of Statics
An asuran college that focuses on doing things correctly and conserving resources.
College of Synergetics banner.png College of Synergetics
An asuran college that focuses on theoretical issues and magic, alongside furthering asuran science and philosophy.

Charr organizations[edit]

Ash Legion banner.png Ash Legion
One of the four High Legions of the charr, famed for their spies, stalkers and assassins.
Blood Legion banner.png Blood Legion
One of the four High Legions in charr society, known for their prowess in traditional battlefield combat.
Iron Legion banner.png Iron Legion
One of the four High Legions in charr society, known for pioneering the development of the engineering profession, they are renowned for their mechanical prowess, preferring to overwhelm their opponents in battle with tanks or powerful siege eaters.
Flame Legion banner 2.png Flame Legion
The outcast fourth High Legion, known for their use of magic and powerful shamans. Notoriously misogynistic and zealous, they are regarded as traitors to the Legions following the charr rebellion.
No image available.svg Frost Legion
he Frost Legion is a group of icebrood charr initially led by Imperator Bangar Ruinbringer.
Renegade.jpg Renegades
The Renegades are charr raiders who have split from the High Legions to form their own large warband. Like their human counterparts, the Separatists, they openly and violently oppose the peace treaty forming between the charr and humans since 1324 AE.
Dominion emblem.png Dominion
A group of charr composed of rogue members of all four legions and Renegade forces, led by Imperator Bangar Ruinbringer. They are opposed by the United Legions.
United Legions.png United Legions
An alliance between members of the High Legions led jointly by the Imperators of the Ash, Blood, Flame, and Iron Legions. They oppose Bangar Ruinbringer's Dominion forces.

Human organizations[edit]

White Mantle Sigil.jpg White Mantle
The White Mantle are a group of outlaws. Once leaders of Kryta for a brief time 250 years ago, the White Mantle view themselves as the rightful rulers of the last human nation on Tyria.
Am Fah banner.jpg Am Fah
A Canthan guild of criminals and thugs who worshipped the Afflicted.
"Corsair Chick" concept art 1.jpg Corsair
A name for several crews of Elonian pirates that vary from friendly to extremely hostile. They often serve as bounty hunters or hired mercenaries under Palawa Joko's regime.
The Ministry banner.jpg Ministry
The Ministry is a system of government designed by King Baede to give all humans—not just native Krytans—a voice. Ministers design law, proposing their measures to Queen Jennah, who authorizes or rejects their placement into society.
Seraph banner.jpg Seraph
The Seraph is the largest of the three main military organizations in the human kingdom of Kryta. Wearing white armor trimmed with gold, their shields bear wings out of respect to the goddess Dwayna. The Seraph are the army, the police force, and the protectors of the populace.
ShiningBladeEmblem-150x150.jpg Shining Blade
The Shining Blade is the Krytan royalty's personal guard, sworn to protect the Royal Family. The Shining Blade also conducts many covert operations such as spying, message delivery, and other activities carried out in the shadows.
Ebon Vanguard banner.png Ebon Vanguard
The Ebon Vanguard is an Ascalonian organization tasked with protecting the Stronghold of Ebonhawke. The Vanguard is led by Commander Wade Samuelsson, the Duke of Ebonhawke.
Sunspear banner.png Order of the Sunspears
The Order of the Sunspears is an elite militant organization that has defended Elona since its formation during the Primeval Dynasty by Queen Nadijeh.
No image available.svg Celestial Ministry
A government organization in Cantha in the past, divided into four smaller ministries. Each of the ministries had a specific group of responsibilities and was associated with a mythical power.
No image available.svg Ministry of Purity
The Ministry of Purity was one of the many ministries of the Canthan empire in the past. They were founded by Minister Reiko Murakami in 1587 CC (1077 AE) but suffered a setback with her death at the hands of Canthan and foreign heroes.
Purist Banner.png Purists
The Purists are members of a Canthan sect that is a remnant of the fallen, xenophobic Ministry of Purity. They view themselves as true Canthans and wear masks that mimic the helmets once worn by the Ministry of Purity.
No image available.svg Xunlai Jade
Xunlai Jade is a Canthan corporation co-founded by Yu Joon and Park Chul-Moo. Xunlai Jade Corporation is an entity for the mining and production of jade-related technology [2]. They own numerous holdings throughout Cantha, including the Xunlai Jade Quarry.

Norn organizations[edit]

Sons of Svanir emblem.png Sons of Svanir
A cult of violent and bigoted zealots who believe that the Elder Dragon of Ice and Persuasion, Jormag, is a Spirit of the Wild. They seek to gain the power of Jormag and in their attempts to prove their worth often attack other norn.
Skarti.jpg Wolfborn
The peacekeepers and guards of Hoelbrak and its surroundings. Led by Sigfast and Skarti, they attempt to maintain peace within the norn capital.

Sylvari organizations[edit]

Sylvari 11 concept art (A Dark Queen).jpg Nightmare Court
Malicious and sadistic servants to the Nightmare within the Dream of Dreams led by Grand Duchess Faolain. They reject the tenets of Ventari's tablet and seek to spread pain and suffering into the Dream to blight new sylvari with the Nightmare's influence.
Sylvari 16 concept art.png Wardens
The defensive force for the sylvari who follow the tenets of Ventari. They protect Dreamers and Soundless sylvari while fighting off the spreading influence of the Nightmare Court and Risen.
The Weeping Isle.jpg Soundless
Friendly sylvari who have cut themselves off from the Pale Tree and the Dream. Despite their lack of affiliation with the Dream, they are frequently attacked by hostile Nightmare Courtiers.
Pale Reavers.jpg Pale Reavers
A unit of the Pact composed entirely of sylvari due to their seeming immunity to the Elder Dragons' corruption. It is led by Grand Warmaster Laranthir of the Wild.

Other races[edit]

No image available.svg Brotherhood of the Dragon
An ancient order of dwarves that revered the dragon Glint and followed her teachings.
No image available.svg Stone Summit
The Stone Summit was an old dwarven faction that used to be active in the Shiverpeak Mountains. Initially led by King Jalis Ironhammer's cousin Dagnar Stonepate, it was a militant organization that hated outsiders and sought to conquer and enslave them all.
No image available.svg Deldrimor
The Deldrimor are a group of dwarves leading the eponymous kingdom currently residing in the Depths of Tyria. They have historically been known to be friendly towards other races.
No image available.svg Mist Wardens
The Mist Wardens is an army of ghosts gathered and led by Glint to combat the Elder Dragon Kralkatorrik after he entered the Mists.
Speakers banner.png Speakers
The Speakers are Canthan ecoterrorists, led by the Warden Tetra Earthcall, who chain down spirits, and they generally oppose the people of Cantha who use jade technology.

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