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Disambig icon.png This article is about the former King of Elona and his watchknight fascimile. For the echo, see Echo of Turai Ossa. For the Mist Champion, see Turai Ossa (Mist Champion). For the actor, see Turai Ossa (actor).

Warmarshal Turai Ossa was the Kournan hero who fought and defeated Palawa Joko, and later founded the Order of Whispers to ensure the lich would remain imprisoned. Following his victory, he was anointed as the king of all Elona, and ruled over Elona for years before taking a large group of his people on the Great Pilgrimage to the Crystal Desert in order to Ascend at Augury Rock. A war against the Forgotten, infighting among his people, and the brutally inhospitable land resulted in their deaths, and their ghosts remained in the Crystal Desert until the Chosen of the Flameseeker Prophecies arrived to Ascend. Turai assisted them in their journey and was rewarded with access to the Hall of Heroes although he later returned to the Throne of Pellentia to offer counsel to anyone wishing to follow in his footsteps.

A watchknight appearing as Turai Ossa has been integrated into the Crown Pavilion as a challenging fight in the Queen's Gauntlet from 1331 AE onward.


Warmarshal of Kourna[edit]

Turai Ossa and Palawa Joko duel above the Battle of Jahai.

In life, Turai Ossa served as the Warmarshal of Kourna and fathered a son, Kunai Ossa.

During Palawa Joko's conquest of Elona beginning in 860 AE, Turai led the dwindling resistance, consisting of Kournans, Istani, Vabbi, and the Order of the Sunspears against the lich's combined force of corsair mercenaries and Awakened. Using the desperate tactics of hit-and-run warfare, the renegade warmarshal hunted Joko's army wherever possible, but his forces—including his lieutenants Commander Joziah, General Mendoza, and Lord Valodor—were surrounded near the Grand Cataract of Jahai, where they prepared to make their final stand against the lich's army, in 862 AE. Turai's scouts learned that Joko had insufficiently garrisoned his flank in his hurry to crush the resistance, however, and the warmarshal believed a small but powerful group might be able to fight its way through and slay the lich while the rest of the army held the line against the Awakened horde.

The resulting Battle of Jahai lasted for days; each time night fell, the battleground remained unchanged, as neither army gave ground to the other. Turai's squad was ultimately able to reach Joko's camp just in time to witness the lich gloating about his impending victory. Playing to Joko's vanity, Turai challenged him to single combat. The lich could not resist the urge to fell the warmarshal personally, and the two leaders faced off high above the warring armies. There, in full view of their respective followers, Turai bested Joko, and the undead lord fell from his lofty height. On the plains below, the resolve of the unliving hordes wavered and broke. Turai's forces cheered at the defeat of the enemy leader as they cut down the fleeing undead legions.

Though beaten, Joko could not be slain. Turai's bodyguards used powerful magic to bind the lich within a great tomb, and eventually built a huge stone plinth commemorating the victory at Jahai Bluffs while forming the Order of Whispers to watch over the tomb. There, Joko would lie forgotten, trapped with his hatred and weakness.[1]

King of Elona[edit]

Following his victory over Joko, Turai wrote the Proclamation of Palawa Joko's Defeat. Riding on his success and the need for Elona to have a strong leader, he was anointed the king of all Elona, uniting the once separate human provinces under his banner in a feat that had not been matched since the days of the Great Dynasty.

During his reign, Turai proved to be a benevolent king although he secretly yearned for loftier goals than wealth, power, and influence. Openly, he ruled a grateful populace, but secretly, he spent his nights studying ancient wisdom. The more he read, the more he contemplated the role of the gods in his life. If he had been chosen by the gods as the savior of his nation like his adoring subjects claimed, he thought he might be destined for greater accomplishments. Musing on mysteries, Turai sought his answers by seeking Ascension, a state of communion with the gods. He knew the path to that ideal ran through the wasteland north of Elona—lands that had been ruled by Palawa Joko years before.

Having learned of Glint's Flameseeker Prophecies, Turai likened himself to the eponymous Flameseeker in the texts. Resolved to face his newest challenge and embrace a destiny he believed to be his, the king stepped down from his position of authority in 868 AE, passing the title of warmarshal to his son Kunai.

Turai and his followers began the Great Pilgrimage north into the Crystal Desert where the gods had once walked among men, and Turai recorded the path of the pilgrimage on a map. The king entrusted shards of the Vision Crystal needed to perform a ritual to access Augury Rock to three high ritual priests named Hehmnut, Kahdat, and Nahtem.

Turai's loyal entourage erected temples, raising pillars toward the heavens, and even founded towns such as Lannur and a sizable colony during their journey. Despite these efforts, however, Ascension eluded the king who eventually came into conflict with the Forgotten and faced distrust and greed from his fellow pilgrims, including the three priestly brothers who became divisive and kept the shards of the Vision Crystal for themselves. The entourage lost their lives in the ensuing battles with the Forgotten, in-fighting among the pilgrims, and to other hazards in the desert.[2][3][4][5] After Turai fell in battle, his body was reportedly recovered by Lord Valodor.[6]


Ghostly Hero[edit]

Instead of everlasting life, Turai and his followers found the torment of eternal living death. In ghostly form, they walked the earth, remaining in the desert that had claimed their lives. In the following decades, Turai became known as the Ghostly Hero who would guide others in search of Ascension.

Following Turai's disappearance, the three Elonian provinces became autonomous again by 874 AE. Turai's son Kunai Ossa, having refused the Dynastic Crown, ruled Kourna as a warmarshal and passed on the title to his descendants in the Ossa clan in a tradition that would last for centuries. In 899 AE, the Fortress of Jahai was built near the site of Turai's triumph over Joko.

In 1072 AE, the spirit of Turai helped the Chosen, including the Hero of Ascalon, to Ascend in the trials of Augury Rock by reclaiming the Throne of Pellentia from a rival ghostly hero who had usurped his place and by using a ritual to unite the three shards of the Vision Crystal which the Chosen had brought to him after a series of challenges by the Forgotten.[7][8][9] As a reward for restoring his honor by helping the Chosen who had gone on to fulfill the Flameseeker Prophecies and save Tyria, Turai was granted access to the Hall of Heroes in the Mists, a goal he had yearned for a long time.

Despite receiving his reward, however, Turai remained in the corporeal world for a time, appearing at the tournaments held at the Tomb of the Primeval Kings. After the Wintersday celebrations in the same year, the forces of Dhuum and Abaddon interrupted the tournament. These forces defeated the spirits of Turai, Lord Victo, and the Primeval Kings, and began to slip through a portal into Tyria until they were driven back by the combined efforts of the Zaishen Order and the Order of the Sunspears.[verification requested]

The legacy of Turai Ossa remained controversial. While some Elonians remembered the king for his heroism in the war against Palawa Joko, others remembered him as a madman whose false pride led him on a doomed pilgrimage, yet others viewed him only as the Ghostly Hero meant to aid pilgrims seeking Ascension. His reputation would be further soiled by the actions of his distant descendant, Warmarshal Varesh Ossa, who betrayed Elona and nearly secured the fallen god Abaddon's release by ushering in Nightfall in 1075 AE.

Thanks to Turai's actions, however, Elona remained free from Joko for centuries, and his guidance ensured the success of the Hero of Ascalon who would end up fulfilling the Flameseeker Prophecies and saving Tyria. Hymns from the annals of Turai would be recited by firebrands inspired by the warmarshal to cast the Mantra of Potence centuries later, and books such as Of Greatness, Of Madness: The Life of Turai Ossa and The Romance of Turai were written in remembrance of his deeds.[10][11]

Although he had been rewarded with access to the Hall of Heroes, the ghost of Turai Ossa remained in the Crystal Desert and provided guidance to pilgrims and lost spirits at the Throne of Pellentia. Since Palawa Joko's return and conquest of Elona since 1175 AE,[12] Turai remained hopeful that a new generation of heroes would rise up to defeat the lich once more.

Path of Fire[edit]

In 1330 AE, Turai met with adventurers and the Pact Commander who accompanied the ghosts of Commander Joziah, General Mendoza, and Lord Valodor to the Throne of Pellentia. In the ensuing conversation Turai sensed a familiarity in the Commander's spirit if the Commander had gained access to the Hall of Monuments previously, suggesting offhand that the Commander's spirit might have ties to the Hero of Ascalon who had saved all of Tyria centuries prior. He also provided the Commander with advice on how to fight Joko, suggesting that the resistance should unite all of Elona under one banner and out-strategize the lich with cunning and strength.

Following the Commander's journey to the desert, mesmer magic was used to make the last of the reworked watchknight opponents appear as Turai Ossa in the Crown Pavilion's duel ring during the Festival of the Four Winds from 1331 AE onward. Challengers faced this mechanical fascimile of the warmarshal as the final battle in the Queen's Gauntlet of Divinity's Reach to prove their mettle. The watchknight's abilities were based on historical records of the real Turai Ossa's skills as well as engineers' guesswork.[13]


Crystal Desert

Combat abilities[edit]

In Shallows of Despair[edit]


DefianceDefiance bar teal.png

In The Crown Pavilion[edit]

  • King of All Elona
  • Sword
    • Sever Artery - Inflictts damage and Bleeding.png Bleeding.
    • Stomp - Inflicts damage and Crippled.png Crippled.
    • Savage Leap - Leaps to target and inflicts damage.
    • Whirlwind Attack - Whirl in a target's direction, damaging the target along the path.
    • Dragon Slash - Does an evasive roll around the target and inflicts damage, 10 stacks of Weakness.png Weakness and Bleeding.png Bleeding.
    • Pommel Bash - Inflicts damage and Stun.png Stuns.
    • Lunging Slash - Inflicts damage.
    • Hamstring - Inflicts damage.
    • Gash - Inflicts damage.
  • Shield
    • Throw Shield - Throws his shield that Stun.png Stuns if it hits the target.
    • Shield Bash - Stuns the target.
    • Stalker's Strike - Does an evasive roll around the target and stuns the target.
  • Unarmed
    • Power Punch -
    • Jab -
    • Combo -
    • Flying Knee -
Stolen skills


Professions with lots of damage avoidance and crowd control are good in this fight, such as Spellbreakers, Mesmers, and Thieves.

Avoid combat and try to survive for 35 seconds.

After 35 seconds, Turai Ossa will leap to the center of the platform and prepare to throw his shield. If you avoid getting hit by the shield throw, he will get 5 seconds of protection and his defiance bar will unlock. Depleting his defiance bar will stun him and he'll lose his shield and the Shield of Elona effect, allowing players to damage him for a few seconds. If you get hit by the shield, you get stunned for a really long time, receive heavy damage and Turai will gain 25 stacks of might, 15 seconds of quickness, 15 seconds of swiftness, and 15 seconds of resistance.

Continue to avoid his attacks and if possible try do damage him at the same time. Again, after 20 seconds, he will leap to the center of the platform to throw his sword. If you avoid getting hit by the sword, he will get 5 seconds of protection and a defiance bar will appear. Depleting this defiance bar will stun him and he'll lose his sword and the Eternal Blade effect, greatly reducing his attack damage. If you get hit by the sword, he will get back his shield, the Eternal Blade effect and gain 25 stacks of might, 15 seconds of quickness, 15 seconds of swiftness, and 15 seconds of resistance.

After both effects are removed, he'll attack you without weapons and you can damage him safely. Always deplete his breakbar after he leaps to the center, or he'll get back his sword and shield, and the Eternal Blade and Shield of Elona effects.


You honor the heroes of the past, who attempted the trials put forth by the Forgotten. The victors are deserving, but so are those who lost their lives trying. The desert remembers.
(If account is linked to the Hall of Monuments)
Talk more option tango.png The desert remembers?
There's a familiarity about your spirit, something ancient from centuries ago. I believe you will play a role in defeating Joko again. I can feel it.
Talk more option tango.png That's my hope. What advice can you give me? (continues as below)
Talk end option tango.png I will help bring him down if I can.
Talk more option tango.png What advice do you have for those who fight Joko?
It was no easy task to fell the Scourge of Vabbi. The forces of Kourna, Vabbi, and Istan, and the surviving Sunspears, united to make our last grand stand at the Grand Cataract at Jahai.
Talk more option tango.png So all of Elona must unite and rise.
Our forces were outnumbered by Joko's. As the battle waged below, I led a small detachment of elite troops across the mesa-tops to flank Palawa's army.
Talk more option tango.png So we must out-strategize Joko as well.
Only then could we fight our way to Joko, where I defeated him. Even then, Joko could not be eliminated, only entombed. Be ready. Be clever, and be strong.
Talk end option tango.png I will. Thanks for your help.
Talk end option tango.png I can outsmart Joko, too. I think.
Talk end option tango.png I'll keep that in mind.
Talk end option tango.png It's an honor to have met you.

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