Claw Island

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Claw Island

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Map of Claw Island

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Claw Island an instanced zone in Kryta accessible only during The Battle of Claw Island and Retribution personal story chapters. It is a stony fortress near the mouth of Sanctum Harbor, originally built as a small defensive fortification at the time when Lion's Arch was founded. Designed to keep enemies from sailing close enough to bombard the city's docks, Claw Island became the crowning jewel of the protection Sykox Steamshroud had planned for Lion's Arch. The fortress took years to complete, but when it was done, it guarded the mouth of the harbor, providing gunnery posts and defenses as well as early warning when the Dead Ships came in force as they'd done at Port Stalwart.

The island fortress withstood countless Risen assaults, never letting more than a handful of Risen through. However, in 1325 AE, the Risen launched a large-scale assault that was led by Blightghast the Plaguebringer, one of Zhaitan's strongest dragon champions. The island was overrun, and Lion's Arch was at its most vulnerable ever until the Orders — the forces that would become the Pact — counterattacked and retook the island. Two years later, Scarlet Briar bypassed Claw Island's defenses by launching a land and air assault.


Area Area objectives
Sorrow's Bay
Point of interest (map icon).png Eastern Pyramid
Fort Stalwart
Point of interest (map icon).png Lion's Torch
Western Strait
Point of interest (map icon).png Western Pyramid
Lion's Mane
Point of interest (map icon).png Maw and Pride

Interactive map[edit]


  • All Points of Interest become visited as soon as you first enter Claw Island.