Tarnished Coast

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Map of the Tarnished Coast.

While the wastes have completely dried and are uninhabitable, the Tarnished Coast has maintained its wildland of tropical trees. It is here that the asura and sylvari races have made their homes; from their capitals of Rata Sum and the Grove, respectively. Metrica Province and Caledon Forest collectively pour into the Brisban Wildlands, and later into more cultivated territory.


Long time[edit]

Long before the birth of the sylvari, there was a soldier of the Shining Blade named Ronan who on his journey found a cavern full of mysterious seeds, of which he only took one, intending to give it to his daughter. However, upon his return to his village, the mursaat had massacred his family and the other villagers. Devastated, he abandoned the war and planted the seed on his family's grave. Later, a centaur named Ventari, also weary of war and who had escaped the centaur conflicts back in the Maguuma Jungle, reached the Tarnished Coast, where he encountered Ronan and they became fast friends.

In 1078 AE, earthquakes shook the world from which Primordus' destroyerss, along with the Great Destroyer, arose, forcing the races that were living in the Depths of Tyria to emerge to the surface. Among them were the asura (as well as the skritt, their life-long rivals). The asura would quickly re-settle in the Tarnished Coast and build their new capital city in the form of a giant floating cube know as Rata Sum, while the skritt scurried back into whatever safe caverns they could find to form new scratches.

A few years later, Ronan died, leaving Ventari to continue tending alone to the seed that would become a majestic tree. In 1180 AE, Ventari also passed on, after having written down his teachings on a stone tablet.

Intermediate years[edit]

In 1302 AE, the Pale Tree awakened the firstborn sylvari, who, with the guidance of the Pale Tree and Ventari's Tablet, decided to form the Grove around the Pale Tree, serving as their main settlement in Tyria.


In 1327 AE, a world summit was held in the Grove, attended by the leaders of the main five races: norn, asura, humans, charr, and sylvari, with the goal of discussing and coming up with a plan to deal with the Elder Dragons crisis. During the talks, the summit was interrupted by Mordremoth, who sent the Shadow of the Dragon to attack the Grove. The Pact Commander and their allies repelled the attack, but the Avatar of the Tree was still seriously wounded. This attack shifted the focus of the Pact, turning their sights on Mordremoth, which would later lead to the campaign into the Heart of Maguuma.

In 1333 AE, Primordus and Jormag both sent their minions to attack several areas of the Tarnished Coast but both invasions were squashed by the Pact Commander and their allies.


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