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The renowned Golemancer Zinn was sentenced to 10 years banishment from asuran lands. Other than unintentional attempted regicide, which resulted in his banishment, his most noticeable work was the creation of P.O.X.'s Reactor Blast. After being banished, he traveled to Kryta where he was conscripted by Livia to assist in the war against the White Mantle. He developed Spectral Resistance from the body of a Seer, allowing the Shining Blade and Lionguard to win the war.

After the war, he traveled east and established the underground city of Rata Novus, where he ruled as High Councillor. In 1173 AE, the chak overran Rata Novus. He was among the few to escape, and had relocated to Rata Arcanum, which was a colony that was still in development. He had developed a terraforming device, but the use of such had angered local druids, who slaughtered all remaining asura in 1175 AE, including Zinn.


  • He is one of the longest living known asura, having lived almost a century after the events of Guild Wars, putting him near the age of exceptionally long lived asura (120 years).

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