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Kryptis looming over the Wizard's Tower.

The Kryptis are a demonic race from Nayos, the Realm of Dreams, and are led by the Midnight King Eparch who has organized them into a hierarchical society. Their corrupting influence has weakened the defenses of Amnytas, and they use portals to invade both it and Tyria.[1][2][3][4] The Temple of Febe is of great importance to them.[5]


They are fleshy and horrifying beings. High Kryptis are larger with increased strength, whereas Lower Kryptis are smaller. However there are no differing internal biological systems between those two groups.[6]

Kryptis skin is tasty to skyscales.[7]


The Kryptis have been organized into houses with Kryptis royalty led by the self-proclaimed Midnight King, Eparch.[8] Eparch rules among the kryptis with tyranny, openly allowing rivalry and conflict between houses, such as when Kanaxai, Scythe of House Aurkus slew the founder of House Mosyn and caused great distress to demons aligned with Mosyn,[9] or when Deimos slew Febe for seeking more autonomy among their kind. All within these houses ultimately answer to Eparch, as shown by Eparch, then an unknown entity still, allowing Kanaxai to continue hunting for mortals in the Jade Sea as his prize after the Jade Wind despite urging him to return before he dulled his edge.[10] Certain members of these houses are given titles based on weapons, such as Kanaxai, Scythe of House Aurkus, and Cerus, Glaive of House Nephus.

The Kryptis are also divided into Lower and High Kryptis. High Kryptis are usually leading attacks or operate independently, and Lower Kryptis are common soldiers.



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