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The Pact Marshal, or Marshal of the Pact, is the leader of the Pact. The Pact Marshal's role is primarily logistics, such as confirming operations suggested by the Order liaisons and Commanders of the Pact, or negotiating deals with the nations of Central Tyria for resources and soldiers. Very rarely does the Pact Marshal set out on missions; when doing so, it is usually for making on-site decisions during important sorties. The Pact Marshal also determines which Elder Dragon the Pact's primary forces focus on.

With the death of the first Pact Marshal, Trahearne, in the battle against Mordremoth, it was agreed by several high ranking Pact and Order members that future Pact Marshals would refrain from the battlefield and remain in Lion's Arch, turning the role into a full on desk job.[1] After being approached by General Almorra Soulkeeper, Logan Thackeray succeeded Trahearne as the next Pact Marshal.[2] However, despite the new limitations imposed on the rank, Logan went on to lead the Pact on the front lines against the other Elder Dragons' armies.

Known marshals[edit]



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    <Character name>: General Soulkeeper, this is quite a surprise. What brings you to Rata Novus?
    General Almorra Soulkeeper: You do, Commander. I've come here to offer you a new position within the Pact.
    General Almorra Soulkeeper: The Marshal rank is...uh...vacant. And we want you to fill it. [...]
    General Almorra Soulkeeper: Certain Pact elements feel like Marshal Trahearne's mistake was going out into the field and getting himself killed.
    General Almorra Soulkeeper: The new marshal would be planted safely in an office in Lion's Arch. Still leading the troops, but out of harm's way.
    <Character name>: As flattered as I am by your offer, I'm going to have to respectfully decline, General.
    <Character name>: After our Mordremoth battle, I believe I, Rytlock, and the others would be more effective operating as our own guild.
    General Almorra Soulkeeper: I understand the decision on your early retirement, although I'm disappointed. I still believe in the Pact's goal.
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    Logan Thackeray: General Soulkeeper came to see me the other day and offered me the position of Pact Marshal.
    Logan Thackeray: I didn' first I didn't think it was for me, but my injuries and today...
    Logan Thackeray: Well, my eyes were opened role here.
    Logan Thackeray: Her Majesty has always been the kind of person to do things her own way. It's time I started doing the same.