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Wizard's Court

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the organization. For the point of interest, see The Wizard's Court.

The Wizard's Court is a group of powerful magic-users that has existed since the previous dragonrise. They live in the Wizard's Tower and Amnytas in the skies above Tyria, though both have been moved around over the millennia. They make use of various structures and facilities known as bastions and beacons, such as the Bastion of the Penitent or the Beacon of Ages.[1][2] The Bastions in Amnytas are named after different schools of thought regarding magic—the Natural, Strength, Balance, Knowledge, the Celestial, and the Obscure.[3]

Led by the ancient Seer Isgarren, the Wizard's Court is primarily focused on defending the world of Tyria from threats external of Tyria, having decided (though with much internal debate) to ignore internal plights and conflicts such as the Elder Dragons. Despite this, the Wizard's Court has collected many powerful and dangerous relics from across Tyria, to safeguard them from those who would abuse their power, and has hidden them away in their vault.

To become a member of the Wizard's Court, one must first be innately talented in magic, and then undergo an ancient Seer ritual called divcia nava, or Ascension in modern tongue.[4][5] This ascension is not like the Ascension tied to Augury Rock, which merely unlocks one's true potential and is said to allow communication with the Six Human Gods, but instead connects the would-be Wizard to the flow of the world's magic.


The Wizard's Court has been in existence since the previous dragonrise cycle; however, some of its structures such as the beacons are even older than the current oldest members.[2] Led by the Seer Isgarren since these times, the Wizard's Court focused on defending the world of Tyria from external threats while letting others, such as the Elder Dragon Soo-Won, deal with internal threats.[6]

Isgarren and Taryn established the Astral Ward organization in 604 AE to protect Amnytas and the Court, with Taryn becoming the first Warden, the leader the Astral Ward.[7]

Known bases[edit]

Horn of Maguuma


The court consists of Isgarren and his hand-picked wizards for each bastion. Neither the Bastions of the Natural nor the Obscure have been guided by a wizard for a millennium since the fall of their respective wizards Vass and Akeem. Lyhr, the Wizard of Judgment and the head of the Bastion of Balance, has been the latest wizard to ascend.[8]


Wizard Race Bastion Title Notes
Akeem Djinn Obscure Wizard of the Obscure[9] Died over a millennium ago.
Dagda Jotun n/a[10] Only wizard who did not want to operate a bastion.[10]
Isgarren Seer Knowledge Wizard of the Tower[9] Founder of the Wizard's Court. Owner of the Wizard's Tower.
Lyhr Dwarf Balance Wizard of Judgment
Wizard of Balance[9]
Can split himself into the Facets of Emotion and Logic. Latest wizard to ascend.[8]
Mabon Mursaat Strength Wizard of Strength[9] First recruit of Isgarren.
Vass Forgotten Natural Wizard of the Natural[9] Died over a millennium ago. Tried to save as many flora and fauna of Tyria as possible from the ravages of the Elder Dragons.[11]
Waiting Sorrow Kodan Celestial Eyes of the Cosmos[9] Left the court with her ascension powers intact at some point.[12] Creator of the Heart of the Obscure.[13]


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