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Koss on Koss (Extended Edition)

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Koss on Koss (Extended Edition)

Item type
Daybreak.png Library Detective
Account Bound
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Checked out by Koss Dejarin of Kourna. Location unknown.

— In-game description


Found during the Champion's Dawn story mission. It is the Moldy Old Book on the ground next to Koss' seat in the cave instance. It is recoverable before, during, or after the fight as long as one stays in the instance.

Sold by[edit]

Only after finding it in the above location.

Vendor Area Zone Cost
Librarian The Astralarium Domain of Istan 420 Karma


Koss on Koss (Extended Edition)

Author's Note: While my publisher insists that there is no need for a continued chronicling of my deeds, I feel a duty to my readers to persist. While "Koss on Koss" remains a definitive examination of my past, this extended edition shall be rendered as an examination of the present.

Season of Scion

185th day, 1093 AE

Curse the day we released that walking corpse! Joko's forces continue to harass patrols along the outskirts of Vabbi. The Sunspears are meant to send reinforcements to help secure the border, but we are so few we can only spare a handful. It's going to take a long while before we rebuild our numbers after the Battle of Gandara.

220th day, 1093 AE

Melonni continues to hassle me. Says I've brawled enough, that it's time I left the fighting to the next generation of recruits. Honestly, if even one of them could beat me in single combat, I might consider hanging up my sword. This far, none have impressed. Tomorrow, I set out for the border with the Desolation.

Joko's rise is as much my fault as anyone's, so I intent to make myself part of the solution. Beside, it's not as if any of these new recruits are qualified to hold an undead king at bay.

Season of Colossus

271st day, 1093 AE

Nightmares, five nights in a row. I see the estate ablaze, and can hear screaming. I fear these are meant to be my children, though it's been so long since I've heard their voices that I simply cannot tell. But there is another voice I hear: his. Laughter.

The Sunspears refuse to heed my continued warnings about Joko, much to my growing frustration. The lich has a centuries-old history of being a thorn in Elona's side, so I don't know why the Order believes Joko will be content to remain in the Desolation. He is planning something, and I fear my dreams are but a hint of things to come.

301st day, 1093 AE

Those foolish princes in Vabbi continue to sit on their backsides while their citizens are continually abducted by Joko's forces! And while the royalty of Vabbi wring their hands, the Sunspears are proving no better. They sit on the border, more than ready to teach that festering pile of bones a thing or two, but they refuse to act!

The nightmares persist and become clearer each night. I see now that this is not a threat, but a warning. Perhaps it is Kormir sending me a message?

I sent word to Melonni to take our children somewhere safe.

325th day, 1093 AE

Enough is enough.

It is clear to any with half a brain that Joko is kidnapping these civilians to grow his army. One need only look at the numbers of the missing to conclude the lich is preparing for an invasion.

Lonai and I have gotten a few volunteers together, and we make for the Bone Palace at dawn. I don't know how you assassinate an undead king, but I figure if I hit him hard enough, I might be able to bust a few of those bones that hold his ugly face together.

Not that I am at all questioning my skills, but should I not return and someone finds this, please send my love to my wife and children.


  • The icon for this item shows the skin of the back item Koss on Koss, rather than replicating the original icon.
  • This item only has value as part of a collection. After collected it may be discarded to save inventory space.