Scarlet's Dossier: A history of Scarlet's attacks on Tyria

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Scarlet's Dossier: A history of Scarlet's attacks on Tyria is a tale by Rubi Bayer released between January 7th and January 13th, 2014 in lead-up to The Origins of Madness release.


As we recap the Living World of Guild Wars 2, it becomes clear that Scarlet Briar has bigger plans anyone realized. Over the next few days we'll retrace her steps in Tyria to try to see the big picture. Keep an eye on this album each day for updates to Scarlet's Dossier.

Scarlet's Dossier 1.jpg

August 6, 2013: Queen Jennah's Watchknights go haywire during the opening ceremony of the Queen's Jubilee, and are no longer under the control of Queen Jennah's aides. Aetherblade pirates invade the ceremony as well. A mysterious figure appears in the pavilion and seems to be responsible for the sudden chaos.

Scarlet's Dossier 2.jpg

August 6, 2013: A hero defeats the out-of-control watchknight, and the mysterious figure appears up close. “Aw, you spoiled my fun. Now I'm going to have to make a special project out of you.” She is hooded, hiding her face, and vanishes before more can be revealed.

Scarlet's Dossier 3.jpg

August 20, 2013: The mysterious figure from the opening ceremony returns for the closing ceremony, this time revealing her face and identity. "Aaaaand that's my cue. Hello, DR! My name is Scarlet, and I've come to play with you!"

Scarlet's Dossier 4.jpg

Scarlet announces that she has taken over the Watchknights, indicating, as Logan Thackeray later pointed out, that she has been working toward this for some time. These "watchknights" you're so proud of? Mine now." The watchknights become hostile Twisted Watchwork minions, attacking at Scarlet's behest.

Scarlet's Dossier 5.jpg

Scarlet barricades herself inside the Crown Pavilion with hostages and begins using portals to send her minions to attack areas all over the globe.

Scarlet's Dossier 6.jpg

A group of heroes enters Scarlet's Playhouse to rescue the hostages and stop the attacks. They succeed in rescuing the hostages, but Scarlet vanishes after a prolonged battle, escaping to an unknown location.

Scarlet's Dossier 7.jpg

With Scarlet at large, the attacks continue across Tyria. Portals open at numerous locations, releasing hordes of Twisted Watchwork minions and Aetherblade pirates. Large groups of Molten Alliance are now part of these attacks and attacking on Scarlet's behalf, indicating that she's been working and planning for longer than we realized.

Scarlet lab.jpg

August 23, 2013: Scarlet's history and education come to light, providing insight into some of her goals and her madness. ""I[sic] have a great deal of work ahead of me. I don't know what the world will be when I'm through, but I will very much enjoy finding out. Empires will fall, continents will burn, and when the conflagration is over, I'll be there to put my stamp on whatever new world this one becomes."

Scarlet's Dossier 9.jpg

October 1, 2013: Scarlet's Aetherblade pirates begin gathering inside Twilight Arbor, and Scarlet sends a challenge to Caithe, claiming to know secrets that Caithe does not want the world to know. Caithe enters Twilight Arbor with a group of heroes to seek out Scarlet.

Scarlet's Dossier 10.jpg

"I was afraid you'd be all aloof and distant. You know, like you want people to think you are. But I know better. I know you. How nasty you fight, how you think...what you did. And what you did is soooo nasty. Ooh, and I just realized: I know something about you even Faolain doesn't know. Does that mean we’re dating? Should I start calling you "dearheart?" I'll give the Nightmare Court your regards, Caithe. And won't they love to hear about your little indiscretion? What do you think the Pale tree will say when she finds out what you did? Or does she already know? I know a secret, I know a secret... Caithe's secret, in fact. And soon, so will everybody else.

Scarlet's Dossier 11.jpg

It is discovered that the real Scarlet is still hiding. The Scarlet in Twilight Arbor is a hologram and prerecorded dialogue left for Caithe. Scarlet remains at large.

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