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This's a monument to mortal resilience. They built new lives upon the very thing that sought to end theirs.


Kuunavang is a saltspray dragon. In the past, she played a pivotal role in helping human heroes save Cantha from Shiro Tagachi, a reborn assassin influenced by the fallen god Abaddon.


Early years[edit]

During the Jade Wind that occurred in Cantha in 872 AE, Kuunavang, alongside most other saltspray dragons aside from Albax, was corrupted by the treacherous assassin Shiro Tagachi's influence.[1] She was trapped under the Harvest Temple, formerly known as the Kuan Jun Temple, the epicenter of the Jade Wind and the location of Shiro's death.[2] The temple had also been the site where the champions Archemorus and Saint Viktor, who had helped defeat Shiro, had received their power from.[3][4]

Guild Wars Factions[edit]

In 1072 AE, human heroes traveled to the Canthan mainland and attempted to enter the collapsed Harvest Temple at the behest of Master Togo, the son of Emperor Kintah, who believed that the secret to the defeat of Shiro's vengeful spirit could be found there. Upon the group's arrival at Kuunavang's domain at the temple, she noted their presence and began to do battle with them, assisted by a number of plagued Afflicted who had been corrupted by Shiro's spirit. She threatened the heroes by stating that mercy was a human concept that the party would not find in her domain.

At a certain point during the battle, a gate to another portion of the Harvest Temple was opened. Kuunavang fled the battle, causing multiple Afflicted to appear as the heroes approached the gate. The heroes then attacked her again, and she flew through another gate, summoning more Afflicted to hold the heroes back. After Kuunavang had been weakened, the heroes entered the temple itself, and the saltspray dragon transformed into an enraged state. She then attempted to defeat them alone, and was finally defeated, freeing her from Shiro's grasp.

Upon coming to her senses, Kuunavang noted that she owed the heroes a great debt, also stating that she had resisted Shiro's influence, though still being controlled by him. After a hero replied that she owed the group no debt, Kuunavang advised them never to refuse a gift from one who could swallow them whole. As a reward, the saltspray dragon decided to grant them magic required to defeat Shiro.[5] After this, multiple Envoys, shepherds of the souls of the dead, appeared. They congratulated the heroes and explained that Shiro, who had been tasked with working as an Envoy as penance for his crimes, had betrayed their cause and wished to return to life. The Envoys notified the party that the Betrayer had only one more deed to commit to complete the spell for his revival: spilling royal blood.

Kuunavang remained in the Harvest Temple, thanking the heroes that approached her. She eventually notified them that Master Togo had brought friends and enemies together—including the tengu Talon Silverwing, Kurzicks and Luxons—to besiege Raisu Palace, and stated that she would travel there as well to offer her assistance. Soon after, she followed the heroes to the palace, which Shiro had targeted, and alerted them that the Shiro'ken, constructs bound to Shiro, were approaching the palace. Kuunavang also noted that the heroes were fulfilling a destiny although she could not decipher what fate had in store for the party.[6]

When the heroes spoke to Kuunavang, she granted them a number of her celestial abilities that included summoning the spirits of the Luxon and Kurzick heroes Archemorus and Saint Viktor.[7] The spirits assisted the heroes in traversing the palace and reaching Emperor Kisu, who had been captured by Shiro.

After the heroes had destroyed the Shiro'ken, they breached the Imperial Sanctum. They found Shiro standing over Emperor Kisu, preparing to strike the blow which would resurrect him. Togo, desperate to protect his brother, rushed towards Kisu and took Shiro's blow. However, the act allowed the Betrayer to return to life due to Togo being the half-brother of the Emperor and thus having royal blood in his veins for the ritual to work.

Kuunavang followed the heroes into the Imperial Sanctum, granting them celestial abilities before attacking the now-resurrected Shiro. The group then charged in to avenge Togo, with Brother Mhenlo, Togo's student, noting that the celestial abilities seemed to be particularly effective against the spirits of the Mists which Shiro had summoned. After a fierce battle, the party managed to defeat the Betrayer. The Envoys reappeared and sealed Shiro, who had lost his Envoy powers because of his earlier resurrection, in a place in the Underworld as punishment.[8]

At the victory celebration that followed Shiro's defeat, Kuunavang explained that the Envoys had taken the Betrayer to an area where he would pay for his crimes forever. She then congratulated the heroes on their victory and returned to the Harvest Temple after the celebration and funeral of Master Togo.




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