Prince Edair

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Upon King Baede's death in 1256 AE, Prince Edair was named as his successor.

Commander Steamshroud viewed him as barely better than a mercenary. He notes that Black Citadel was forging a peace with Ebonhawke until Edair was assigned the captaincy there. After that, the southern fields ran with blood—both charr and human—just so a human boy could play with real soldiers instead of wooden ones. He goes on to speculate that those "victories on the field of battle" earned him his father's approval...or made Beade believe that Edair would be able to defend Kryta.

After his naming as heir, word went around that Edair was looking to increase Kryta's holdings even before he was formally crowned. He had made no real headway in Ascalon during his time in command there, so he looked instead to Lion's Arch, hoping to prove his worth by seizing a jewel for his new crown. After the Great Krytan Blockade, however, he was convinced to let Lion's Arch stand free.

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