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Concept art of the ascalonian ghosts

Didn't we already defeat them once?

Rytlock Brimstone

When the charr breached Ascalon City more than two hundred years ago, King Adelbern, in an act of desperation, broke his magic sword, Magdaer. It created the Foefire, a blast of tremendous energy which obliterated the invading charr army but cursed the humans caught in the blast by turning them into ghosts.

As their bodies were destroyed by the Foefire, the spirits of the Ascalon Army became trapped in the land of the living performing the tasks they were doing on the day of their death. Unlike many other ghosts, the Ascalon ghosts won't participate in a rational conversation due to being infected by the madness of the Foefire ritual. Their zeal to defend Ascalon is absolute and anything living is seen as charr or an ally of the charr and therefore a threat that must be eliminated. The ghosts will continue at their tasks until the Foefire ritual is undone.

Ascalonian ghosts retain their human forms but their flesh has been replaced by a pale-blue ectoplasm. According to Ghosts of Ascalon, killing an Ascalonian ghost outright is difficult - attacking them only removes ectoplasm from the form until they dissipate and, after a period of time (which may vary) the ghost will simply reform. However, Jenk Cutspecter, legionnaire of the Specter Warband, has invented a containment device which allows the Iron Legion to keep the ghosts trapped in machinery of "certain type of iron" that the ghosts are - supposedly - unable to escape.

Unlike most types of ghosts, Ascalonian ghosts avoid water, and will not pursue their foes or their former possessions into water.


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Destroy them here!"
The people of Ascalon will run no more!
Balthazar, grant me victory!
Need assistance over here!
We're under attack!
Ascalon will be my final resting place...and yours!
Cruel fate.


Concept Art[edit]


  • Sometimes Ascalonian ghosts can spawn missing their ghostly-blue visual effect, making them appear as they did before the Foefire.
  • Female Ascalonian ghosts will occasionally use male voices.