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You can't fix anything by playing it safe. You have to burn it something better can grow in its place.


Ankka is an asuran Aetherblade and the first mate to Mai Trin, replacing Horrik. A long time ago, she used to work with Gorrik at the Thaumanova Reactor. She has a very negative view towards authorities and the leadership of Tyria, including the Pact Commander.[1]


Early years[edit]

Ankka worked as an intern at Thaumanova Reactor alongside Gorrik, and was present during its explosion.

Afterward leaving the Inquest, she joined the Aetherblades and got to know First Mate Horrik and Captain Mai Trin. Though she never had a run-in with the Pact Commander at the time, she was with Mai Trin when Scarlet Briar died during The Battle For Lion's Arch. She helped Mai Trin remain composed and take control of the Aetherblades, and in the years following she joined the Aetherblades in raiding the Fractals of the Mists to gather parts for their damaged airship fleet.[2]

The Aetherblades ran into Kralkatorrik during his rampages through the Mists. In panick to escape the Elder Dragon, they forced their way out of the Mists earlier than intended and went through a Mists Portal, escaping back to Tyria, finding themselves in Cantha. While in Cantha, Ankka hid with most of the non-human Aetherblades in the ruins of Drowned Kaineng. During their time in hiding, Ankka learned of the Harbingers, and studied their magic and techniques.

End of Dragons[edit]

Act I[edit]

Ankka sent a message to Gorrik saying she had been tracking Jormag and Primordus and had some data to trade to him if he would meet her alone in Lornar's Pass. At the meeting location, she revealed that she was an Aetherblade and kidnapped Gorrik, taking him on to an Aetherblade airship and through a portal into the Mists. Aurene and the Commander pursued the Aetherblades to rescue Gorrik. During the chaos, Ankka ordered Renyak to prep the Extractor against Captain Mai Trin's orders. After going through another portal to exit the Mists at an unknown location, she fired cannons at the airship the Commander and Gorrik were on, then used the Extractor on Aurene. Aurene fell from the sky and the Commander's airship crashed, allowing Ankka and the Aetherblades to escape.

After the Aetherblades crashed around Shing Jea Island, Ankka and Renyak mutinied against Mai Trin and took command of the Aetherblades in full.

Act II[edit]

During the Pact Commander's visit to the Yong Reactor, Ankka invaded with her Aetherblade crew and used her Extractor on Soo-Won. She then set the reactor to explode, and when Mai Trin prevented the explosion, killed her former captain.

Act III[edit]

After forcing all six domains of magic into Soo-Won to bring forth the Void, Ankka set out to find a working portal device to take her and the remaining Aetherblades back into the Mists in an attempt to survive the coming destruction of the world. While searching for salvageable jadetech to use, the Aetherblades detected a functioning portal device on Sayida the Sly's airship. However, the Commander reached Sayida first, and Dragon's Watch formulated a plan to ambush Ankka using the airship as bait. Despite finding out that it was bait, Ankka needed the device and attacked Dragon's Watch anyways.

After a confrontation with the Pact Commander, and fully tapping into the Void's power through her modified Harbinger magic, Ankka was defeated and killed. As one last spite against the Commander, she rigged her extractor to explode, preventing them from obtaining a critical piece in preventing the Void's outbreak.


The Mists

Story involvement[edit]

End of Dragons[edit]

Combat abilities[edit]

Strike Mission skills[edit]

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DefianceDefiance bar segmented.png

  • Golem-Powered Shielding.png Necrotic Ritual - Protected from damage during the ritual.
  • Power of the Void.png Power of the Void - Damage and defense increased by 25% per stack. Attacks apply a 50% healing reduction. (Challenge Mode)
  • Vengeance (Mordrem).png Enraged - ... (Challenge Mode)
  • Death's Embrace - Ankka pulls targets into Void-touched ground, dealing heavy damage over time.
  • Death's Hand - A giant necrotic claw bursts from the ground underneath its target, dealing significant damage.
  • Embalming Barrage - A barrage of pistol attacks that inflict poison.
  • Embalming Shot - A pistol attack that inflicts poison.
  • Grasping Horror - Grasping arms attack nearby targets, inflicting poison and torment.
  • Hallucinating Shot - A special pistol attack loaded with Ankka's powerful hallucinogens.
  • Hallucinating Shot (no skill recharge) - A special pistol attack loaded with Ankka's powerful hallucinogens.
  • Imminent Death - A burst of necrotic energy. Causes instant death if it hits a target twice in quick succession.
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