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Imps are little demonic creatures originating from the Mists which can be found throughout Tyria. Imps are attuned to various elements, primarily fire, ice, and shadow, and grow larger and more powerful as they consume magic attuned to their element - however, if they consume any other kind of elemental magic they can easily die. More powerful imps are capable of spawning smaller imps, and the most powerful can alter their environments to various degrees.

There is no known culture to imps, though some powerful imps have shown to be intelligent and capable of communication. Beyond strength, there is no known hierarchy among imps either.

In the past, many of the Stone Summit dwarves imprisoned imps and bound them to relics and Summoning stones. Today, although some have been tamed for use as guardians, most imps roam freely in areas they find comfortable. Trespassers are not welcomed and can expect to be attacked and driven off or slain.


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