Blood Legion Homelands

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Map of the Blood Legion Homelands.

The Blood Legion Homelands is one of the territories of the Charr, lying north of Ascalon across a mountain range and bordered by the Far Shiverpeaks. It contains the Doomlore Ruins, the former Cathedral of Flame, and now houses the Blood Keep, which belongs to the Blood Legion. It was also the home of the Elder Dragon Kralkatorrik until he awoke in the year 1320 AE creating the brand.


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  • The Legions of the Charr, which predates the reveal of the region being called Blood Legion Homelands, states that the Blood Legion's territories are east of Ascalon, across the Blazeridge Mountains. It's unclear whether this was an error, or if the Blood Legion's territories are so large that they extend from the north to the east.