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An ice drake.

Drakes are semiaquatic reptiles seen throughout Tyria. They are distant relatives to wyverns, and are capable of elemental attacks. Drakes are often seen in colonies, where they must nest ashore though near bodies of water. They can be found in most types of habitat, almost always fulfilling the predator niche. Drake species can be found from the cold conditions of the Shiverpeak mountains, to the searing heat of the Crystal Desert.


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Pet Power.png Precision.png Toughness.png Vitality.png Condition Damage.png Unique skill Aquatic skill
Juvenile River Drake 1868 1524 2211 3585 700 Lightning Breath.png Lightning Breath Electrocute (river drake).png Electrocute
Juvenile Salamander Drake 1868 1524 2211 3585 700 Fire Breath.png Fire Breath Boil (salamander drake).png Boil
Juvenile Marsh Drake 1868 1524 2211 3585 700 Insect Swarm.png Insect Swarm Poison Cloud (marsh drake).png Poison Cloud
Juvenile Ice Drake 1868 1524 2211 3585 700 Frost Breath.png Frost Breath Frost Nova.png Frost Nova
Juvenile Reef Drake 1868 1524 2211 3585 700 Sonic Shriek.png Sonic Shriek Sonic Barrier.png Sonic Barrier



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  • Rangers can tame the juvenile versions of some drakes as pets.
  • An asura, human, or charr ranger may choose a pet drake at the biography step during character creation.
  • The pet drake's basic attack does damage in a small AoE around its body.
  • A full list of drake skills can be located here.