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Empress Ihn

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Empress Ihn

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Empress Ihn is a character in the upcoming Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons expansion. She is the empress and the current ruler of the Empire of the Dragon. She is also the half-sister of Joon. Ihn cares a lot about the Canthan people and wants the best for them.[1]


  • Ihn is voiced by Tina Huang.[2]
  • In development, Ihn was named Empress Yin.[2]
  • Ihn, alternatively spelled In and Yin 印, or 인장 also means "mark" or "seal" in Korean.
  • In the time of Guild Wars Factions, the title of "empress" was bestowed only through marriage and had little real power in the patriarchal Canthan society.[3]
    • The only other Canthan empress whose name is known is Tahmu.

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    The emperors of Cantha represent the longest unbroken line of ancestral succession seen in the world. The first emperor, Kaineng Tah (after whom the capital, Kaineng City, is named) was said to have fathered over two hundred sons and daughters both with his wife and thirty favored concubines. This means that although the throne has not always passed directly from father to son, it has always gone to one of royal blood—at most, a first cousin (as seen in several well-documented cases).
    Though it is hardly egalitarian from an Ascalon point of view, the empire has always been ruled by the previous emperor's nearest male relation. The title of "empress" is bestowed only through marriage and has little real power in the patriarchal Canthan society.