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Melandru's Lost Domain

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Melandru's Lost Domain


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Melandru's Lost Domain is one of the god realms of Tyria and was the home realm of Melandru when the Six Human Gods still lived in Tyria. A large portion of the domain was destroyed by the Elder Dragon Kralkatorrik during his ravages through the god realms, and several pieces of the destroyed domain fell to Tyria when Kralkatorrik was forced out of the Mists by Aurene and the Pact Commander, creating a portion of Dragonfall in 1332 AE. The guardians of this place, created by Melandru, are called Nature's Sentinels.[1]

Melandru's Lost Domain consists of the following areas: Gnarlgrove, Melandru's Chalice, Mist Warden Camp, Mosswood and The Skein.


Melandru's Lost Domain as seen through a portal in The End.

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