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She will outlive me, as she should. She will face horrors that I will not. And in those moments, I hope she remembers my strength, not my weakness.

— Snaff

Master Snaff was an asuran golemancer. Snaff was a highly regarded magical theorist and inventor before he encountered Destiny's Edge, but the group helped him develop and hone his talents even more. Snaff specialized in the creation of enormous combat golems, but many of his smaller inventions focused on using telepathic control instead of machinery. In the final battle against Kralkatorrik, Snaff grappled with the mind of the Elder Dragon directly; he was even able to successfully control it for a time. However, the minions of the Elder Dragon attacked him, and, because he was poorly defended, they succeeded in killing him. Destiny's Edge dissolved soon afterward. Snaff is regarded as a major hero, and the asura dedicated a memorial laboratory to him. This is the highest honor that the asura bestow on anyone.


Snaff lying dead in Eir's arms.
  • In the concept art image of Snaff (shown in the infobox), he can be seen with two of the arm pieces from Savant armor - on his right arm is a blue device, and on his left is a red one. This corresponds with Zojja and Kudu's armors; Zojja has a blue device on her right arm, while Kudu has a red device on his left. Furthermore, during the cinematic with said concept art image, Zojja is lacking her arm device, despite otherwise having her usual full Savant armor.
  • There is a statue of Snaff in Stonewright's Steading.
  • The remains of Snaff's golem, Big Snaff can still be found in Glint's Lair.