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Disambig icon.png This article is about the historical figure. For the statue, see Snaff (statue).
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Snaff concept art.jpg

Concept art of Snaff from Sorrow's Embrace.

She will outlive me, as she should. She will face horrors that I will not. And in those moments, I hope she remembers my strength, not my weakness.


Master Snaff was an asuran golemancer and the mentor to both Zojja and Kudu. He joined Destiny's Edge and fought alongside his fellow guild mates and Glint against the Elder Dragon Kralkatorrik in the Crystal Desert, losing his life in the attempt. Snaff's death led to the breaking of Destiny's Edge, and his genius would be honored among the asura of Rata Sum who dedicated the Snaff Prize and Snaff Memorial Lab to him.


Early years[edit]

Snaff was a highly regarded magical theorist and inventor even among the intellectual asura. He specialized in the creation of enormous combat golems, but many of his smaller inventions focused on using telepathic control instead of machinery.

The golemancer took the promising young genius Kudu as his apprentice. His research led Kudu into major discoveries about dragon energies, particularly that Elder Dragons each exuded their own energies with unique magical signatures. Snaff discontinued this research because it was too dangerous, but Kudu picked it up again as part of the Inquest after parting ways with his disagreeing mentor. Disheartened by his apprentice's evil ambitions, Snaff nevertheless decided to take in another apprentice, Zojja.

Edge of Destiny[edit]

Snaff lying dead in Eir's arms.

Snaff joined Zojja, Eir Stegalkin and Garm in an adventuring guild called Dragonspawn's Destiny. With Eir's help, he built a special golem he named Sandy. Their group met another guild called Edge of Steel in Lion's Arch. The trio convinced the members of this other guild, which included Caithe, Logan Thackeray and Rytlock Brimstone, to join forces with them to take down the Dragonspawn, the Elder Dragon Jormag's dragon champion which was terrorizing the Shiverpeak Mountains. The two guilds eventually defeated the Dragonspawn and decided to form one guild, choosing the name Destiny's Edge by combining their former guilds' names.

Destiny's Edge faced many dangerous dragon champions and became famous throughout Tyria for their heroic deeds. During this time Snaff's fellow guild mates helped him develop and hone his already impressive talents even more. After choosing to go after Glint whom they believed to be another dangerous dragon champion, the guild wandered around the Crystal Desert fruitlessly in search of Glint's Lair. Sandy's design was what finally made Snaff realize that the old tale about Glint hiding her lair in a single grain of sand was simply not true—Glint's sanctum, like Sandy, was in all of them. Once this was realized, the cloaking magic protecting the lair eroded and let the guild confront Glint.

Glint ended the guild's attempted assault quickly and revealed that she was not serving the Elder Dragons but opposed them, particularly her former master Kralkatorrik. Destiny's Edge realized their error and decided to offer their services to Glint, devising a plan to defeat the Elder Dragon with their combined strength and cunning as well as a select few powerful artifacts found in Glint's lair: the Dragonsblood Spear and the Kralkatorrik's crystallized blood which Snaff used to devise a harness allowing him to enter the Elder Dragon's mind. Being ever boastful, Snaff believed he would be able to match wits with Kralkatorrik and prove superior.

In the final battle against Kralkatorrik in the Crystal Desert, Snaff grappled with the mind of the Elder Dragon directly; he was even able to successfully control it for a time after Glint had sacrificed herself to distract the Elder Dragon at a pivotal moment. However, Kralkatorrik's sent its Branded minions after Snaff, and they broke through the golem Big Snaff to get to the golemancer during the mental battle. Because Snaff was poorly defended due to Logan's sudden departure, the Branded ultimately succeeded in killing the elderly asura, and Kralkatorrik took up flight before the remaining members of Destiny's Edge could defeat it. Destiny's Edge broke out in arguments out of anger, grief and guilt over what had happened, and dissolved soon afterward.

Golemancer's legacy[edit]

Following his demise, Snaff became regarded as a major hero. The asura dedicated the Snaff Memorial Lab to him, the highest honor that the asura bestow on anyone. The Snaff Prize, an award for winning the annual asuran competition of the most revolutionary invention of a given year, was held in Snaff's memory since. Wishing to honor her guild mate, Eir carved a statue in Snaff's likeness which visitors can marvel at in Stonewright's Steading to this day.

Living World Season 4[edit]

Story involvement[edit]

Living World Season 4[edit]

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  • In the concept art image of Snaff, he can be seen with two of the arm pieces from Savant armor: on his right arm is a blue device, and on his left is a red one. This corresponds with Zojja and Kudu's armors: Zojja has a blue device on her right arm, while Kudu has a red device on his left. Furthermore, during the cinematic with said concept art image, Zojja is lacking her arm device, despite otherwise having her usual full Savant armor.
    • When his ghost is met during Legacy, he wears this modified version of Savant armor.
  • The remains of Snaff's golem, Big Snaff, can still be found in Glint's Lair in Crystalline Memories.
  • Snaff is voiced by Dave Fennoy.[1]

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