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Ronan was a member of the Shining Blade in the era of the Krytan civil war around 250 years ago. A soldier called to battle, he was at one point separated from his patrol and, in wandering, stumbled upon a guarded cavern filled with mysterious seeds. Escaping with a single seed the size of a man's fist, he stowed it away to show to his daughter. However, it was not to be: he returned to his village only to find his family murdered by mursaat and the village in ruins. In grief, he then swore to lay down his weapons and planted the seed upon the graves. It was near this tree that he would stay for the rest of his life.

Later on, Ronan would be joined by the centaur Ventari. Sharing similar values on peace and friendship, they would find new purpose in tending both the budding Pale Tree and their safe haven near the ocean. This outpost, attended by Ronan, Ventari, and others that sought the shelter of friendship, would last past Ronan's death until Ventari's passing; the site would emerge again with the birth of the sylvari and the creation of the Grove.