The Dragonstorm

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The Dragonstorm, also called the great storm,[1] was a powerful blizzard that occurred during the previous Elder Dragon awakening.[2] Though its exact length is unknown, it is said to have lasted multiple kodan lifetimes. Guided by their leaders, the Voices told the kodan that it was time to wait, watch, and learn, but not act. While the kodan were forced to wait out the storm in their halls along the northern seas, they began to starve and discontent spread among them.[1]

Eventually, one Claw who lost his Voice, refused to remain hidden safely, proclaiming "fur or no fur, storm or no storm, a hunter hunts." This Claw took several others with him and went out into the storm to seek hunting grounds in the dry southern lands, to be never seen again. Some kodan believe that these hunters later became the norn, having devolved into a lesser state further away from Koda, and claim that this is why the norn and kodan hold similar beliefs in spirits of the world.[1]

When the storm finally passed, the kodan found what they view to be a gift from Koda. Great sections of the northern seas had frozen, creating giant icebergs. The kodan climbed onto these and found a way to live on the sea, watching, learning, and hunting in their new sanctuary cities.[2]