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Spoiler alert: The following text contains spoilers relating to the story of Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns and Living World Season 3.
The Corpse Grove.

Blighting Trees are corrupted versions of the Pale Tree which function as large, powerful mordrem-making factories. Five fully grown Blighting Trees can be found throughout Heart of Maguuma, each with a powerful Mordrem Guard to watch over it; in addition, three saplings and one tree in the process of being corrupted can be found.

Living bodies are placed inside a Mordrem Pod to create mordrem versions of entities placed inside, while dead bodies are placed within Blighting Pods for the same purpose. Blighting Trees are capable of creating physically perfect clones of the individuals placed in pods, though made of plant instead. Living individuals placed in pods with strong personalities are known to leave remnants of such in their mordrem clones.

Known blighting trees[edit]


During Taimi's Game, Taimi states "The ones who came from the blighting pods! Mordremoth had its minions, the sylvari, right? But it was able to create more, new ones from the dead! That power came from Zhaitan! Killing Zhaitan caused the other dragons to absorb the death spectrum, but we only saw it in Mordremoth because it was active." However, in "Chapter 1: Fools and Followers" of Edge of Destiny by J. Robert King. it depicts "Eir roared, her blades flinging out to slash the throats of two more icebrood. They fell beside her as another came on—a man with hair like a horse’s tail. She knew this man, though his face was smashed, his nose canted to one side, his teeth gone where some great fist had struck him. His flesh was sealed in ice. His eyes were white, filled with the fury of the Dragonspawn." showing that Jormag could corrupt corpses without Zhaitan's magic, and in Prisoners of the Dragon, Faolain states "That's because Mordremoth doesn't care if we're alive or dead when it plugs us into a Blighting Tree." and Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns shows the Blighting Trees used to create clones, rather than corrupt such as in in Bitter Harvest both Logan Thackeray and Zojja are still alive when in the Blighting Pod while mordrem clones are made. Furthermore, an interview with Ree Soesbee and Kristen Perry confirmed that "[...] because the race tightly relates to the essence of human due to the Pale Tree’s influences from Ronan, the overall form has a human silhouette. [...] They are a collection of abstract notions the Pale Tree had about what made up the human, as she really only saw the surface. They are a tree’s interpretation of humans." , just like the Blighting Trees but less precise.
  • Malyck's tree is not one of the Blighting Trees seen in the Heart of Maguuma.[1]


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