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Disambig icon.png This article is about the historical figure. For the cult inspired by him, see Sons of Svanir.

Yes, it is cold. But it also feels ancient. Old and powerful.

— Svanir

Svanir was a norn hunter and the first champion of the Elder Ice Dragon Jormag in modern times.


Two hundred and fifty years ago, Svanir and his sister Jora led a band of norn to slay the wolves that ruled Drakkar Lake. They were crossing the frozen waters when the dragon Drakkar, which lay encased in the lake's ice, grasped their minds. It whispered seductions to them, promising power and prey.

Svanir listened to the voice while his sister, terrified by it, refused the dark gifts and tried to drag her brother away. But he struck her and told her she was weak, that he had discovered the well of power. She fled.

Svanir remained to commune with his newfound lord. In time, the voice began to change him, taught him to hate all living things. It made him a champion—half-bear, half-norn, encrusted with ice, which became known as the Nornbear. Svanir wandered the wastes in madness, attacking any who came near. He became a monster and ultimately found his demise at the hands of his own sister.


Over the next hundred and fifty years, the voice seduced more norn, and they formed the Sons of Svanir. While they believed they were drawing upon the ancient voice, in fact it was drawing upon them, gaining the power to rise.

When Jormag did rise, the norn fought them—gladly, for norn are made for battle—but suffered a great defeat. The dragon and their minions froze where they fought and buried their lands in snow and ice, tearing apart Gunnar's Hold with a massive glacier, driving the now homeless norn to the south.

Despite this, there are still some foolish norn who seek the power of Jormag. In the end they are reduced to icebrood themselves, flesh wrapped in ice, fed by malevolence and hatred.


The Mists

Combat abilities[edit]

  • Worth 25 team score, awarded on last hit
  • Gives Aura of Power for 90 seconds
  • Swipe Swipe - Fast melee attack that cleaves.
    • Redirect Arrow.png Brutal Swipe Brutal Swipe - Fast melee attack that cleaves.
  • Maul Maul - Channeled melee attack, hitting once every 0.5 seconds over 2 seconds.
  • Heavy Swipe Heavy Swipe - Svanir charges to target foe, Knockdown.png knocking down enemies on collision. Deals 0 damage.
Stolen skills

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