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Dragonsblood Spear

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the weapon created by Glint. For the weapon set, see Dragonsblood weapons. For other uses, see Dragonsblood Spear (disambiguation).

Dragonsblood Spear

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Crystalline Memories
(Prophet's Fall)

The Dragonsblood Spear is a weapon created by Glint and Frodak Steelstar in the Dragonsblood Forge utilizing the blood from one of Kralkatorrik's spines and resonance crystals which were charged with magic and vibrated with the singing of a Zephyrite choir.[1][2] It was created with the purpose of killing Kralkatorrik, and Glint had told Destiny's Edge that it was the only thing capable of piercing the Elder Dragon's thick hide.[3] In the battle against Kralkatorrik in 1320 AE, Rytlock Brimstone was given the spear to strike down Kralkatorrik once Snaff had pinned him down using a mental connection. However, because Logan Thackeray was not present for the battle, and the group did not change their strategy after his leaving, Snaff and Glint were killed and Kralkatorrik freed before Rytlock could reach the Elder Dragon, and the thrown spear bounced off harmlessly.[4] In the despair of defeat and not aware that the Dragonsblood Spear had survived the fight, Destiny's Edge left Glint's Lair where the spear remained for ten years.

In 1330 AE, the Pact Commander and half of Dragon's Watch had traveled to Glint's Lair, hoping to find a weapon Glint's first scion Vlast had mentioned which Balthazar was after to use against Kralkatorrik. Finding the spear, the group decided to destroy it so that it could not be used for the wrong purposes. Various ghosts learned of the spear's destruction and gossiped about it throughout the Mists, and the news eventually reached the ears of Frodak Steelstar's ghost.[2]

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    Glint: My followers and I developed the resonance crystals that made possible the Dragonsblood Spear.
    Glint: Creating the crystals, forging the Spear... These acts required the channeling of powerful magic. [...]
    Glint: Kralkatorrik and his minions share a common resonance. This strength can also be a weakness.
    Glint: With the right resonance, crystal can not only be broken, but molded. Shaped.
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    <Character name>: I'm looking for a mold. I need to cast some weapons to kill Kralkatorrik.
    Frodak Steelstar: ARE you? What happened to the first spear we made? Oh, right—you BROKE it! Yeah, that's right: I know who you are.
    Frodak Steelstar: Word gets around. Ghosts gossip. Not a lot else to do in the Mists. You know. YOU know. [...]
    Forge Master Hilina: Good. The Zephyrite choir you hear will vibrate the crystal at the proper frequency.
    Forge Master Hilina: When you and the scion release the crystal's resonance, the raw material will become malleable.
    Forge Master Hilina: Last time we used a shard from Kralkatorrik's body. Now we shall use Brand crystals from the dragon's minions.
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    With a grace that belied her size, Glint slid past the companions and reached the other side of the sanctum. She snatched up the crystal spear that hung there and swung it twice before her. It moaned hollowly as it cut the air.
    "This spear was carved from one of Kralkatorrik’s own spines," Glint explained. "It can pierce his hide, can find his heart." She thrust it out to Rytlock. "Take it!"
    Rytlock stared for a moment at the spear, then clamped his claws around it.
    "You must strike the killing blow, right here." Glint motioned to her side, tapping a groove between her ribs. "You must be running when you deliver the stroke, with all your weight behind the lance. Can you do that?"
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    "No!" roared Rytlock.
    The dragon lifted easily away and climbed into the sky.
    "No!" Rytlock bellowed, hurling the spear.
    It arced up, cracked off the shoulder of the beast, bounding away. The lance fell, useless, in the crater.