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Spoiler alert: The following text contains spoilers relating to Guild Wars 2.

A distant shore—and darkness. A root, a You are the seed. What Ronan knew and never told still lingers in the Dream.

Amaranda the Lonesome

Malyck, known to the Nightmare Court as the Harbinger, is a strange sylvari hunted down by the Nightmare Court. He claims to have no knowledge of the Dream of Dreams, and his first memory is waking up on the banks of a river two weeks prior to being hunted. Capturing him is the objective of the Knight of Embers' Dark Hunt.

When presented to a sylvari seer, she surmises that Malyck is not born of the Pale Tree at all, and that the seed from which the Pale Tree came was only one of many. Malyck does not experience the Dream as the others in the Grove do, nor is he Soundless, but feels only "a great sense of distance, and loss". Trahearne wonders if his Tree had a Dream at all.

Personality-wise, Malyck is similar to the sylvari of the Pale Tree, possessing virtues such as loyalty and courage. He is less trusting, lacking the inherent connection sylvari have to one another, and shows to have a bit of a penchant for revenge. Caithe believes that Malyck's value to the Nightmare Court was that, should he be discovered, they would decide that Malyck's Tree would turn more easily to nightmare than the Pale Tree, lacking the protection of Ventari's Tablet and being therefore closer to the "true" nature of the sylvari. In turn, it is feared that the Nightmare Court would then seek to destroy the Pale Tree rather than convert it.

All the courtiers who encounter Malyck are defeated before being able to inform Faolain of his existence, and after their defeat, Malyck determines to head west, into the Heart of Maguuma, to find his people and tell them of the Grove, and to return with an army with which to fight the Elder Dragons.

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