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Disambig icon.png This article is about the krait artifact. For the bouncing marble found in Shattered Observatory, see Globolla Marble.

The Blue Orb, also referred to as the krait orb and water orb, is an object of legend, known only to deep dwellers such as the largos. Its origins, purpose, and true power are still a mystery, but it was used by the krait to ward against the corruption of Zhaitan and was treated as a holy relic. It is described as a perfect sphere full of arcane power, and may hold its own dangers.

The only thing known about the orb's origin is that the krait did not make it, but found it in the depths. In 1325 AE, the krait were using it to keep their Deeps at the Mire Sea and Nonmoa Lake free of Risen influence, before it was recovered by Pact Crusader Apatia and Sayeh al' Rajihd and taken to Fort Trinity. Risen forces attempted to steal the orb during the Battle of Fort Trinity, but were repelled. The orb has remained in Fort Trinity since to keep it as a safe haven from the Risen.

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