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Spoiler alert: The following text contains spoilers relating to Path of Fire.


Kesho map.jpg
Map of Kesho


City? No. A nursery. Where the Forgotten toiled... Where Vlast's eyes first opened... Where Glint gave us her legacy.

Elder Muriel

Kesho was an Exalted city in the Elon Riverlands, though now it is buried under the sand of Champion's Gap. Like its successor, Tarir, it was established by the Forgotten around two hundred years ago to function as a crèche for Glint's legacy—in this case, Vlast.

In 1330 AE, Balthazar broke into Kesho with Palawa Joko to study the Exalted in hopes of learning how the Forgotten had bound their souls to metal constructs, so that he could create his Forged army using the same methods. Few Exalted survived the encounter without being corrupted, save for Sadizi, who locked himself away in the hopes that at least one Exalted would survive to continue protecting Kesho.



  • Kesho means 'tomorrow' in Swahili.