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Disambig icon.png This article is about the god realm. For the area of Dragonfall, see Underworld (Dragonfall).

The Underworld, also known as the Realm of the Dead[1] and the Realm of Death,[2] is part of the Mists and the realm of Grenth of the Six Gods and Raven of the Spirits of the Wild.[3] All newly dead unguided souls arrive in the Underworld when they enter the Mists from Tyria, where they are judged and sent to their final destinations. The Underworld is divided into several regions, many overseen by one of the Seven Reapers or other lieutenants of Grenth such as Desmina the Red Witch and The Judge.[4][5] Among these regions is the Mad Realm which has been usurped by Mad King Thorn since his death in the ninth century of the Mouvelian calendar.[6]


Early history[edit]

The Hall of Judgment which serves as Dhuum's prison.

The Underworld is a vast realm in the Mists where spirits of the dead depart to. Dhuum, the God of Death, ruled the Underworld from his throne in a tower that once stood on the Chaos Planes.[7] Raven, a Spirit of the Wild, also had a deep connection to the Underworld as he guided norn spirits to the norn afterlife.[3][8] Dhuum was cruel and unjust as he devoured human spirits and refused to allow resurrections, and he became known as the Final Death and Emperor of Oblivion.[9][10]

However, Grenth, the half-god son of the goddess Dwayna,[9] and his seven companions rose to challenge Dhuum and successfully defeated him after a fierce battle in the ossuary of the Cathedral of Eternal Radiance in Orr. Grenth shattered the overthrown god's tower and left the storms of chaos on the Chaos Planes as a reminder of Dhuum's unjust rule.[7] Grenth was not powerful enough to slay Dhuum, however, so he imprisoned the Emperor of Oblivion behind layers of divine magic in the Hall of Judgment and forced him into a state of dormancy.[11]

Upon his victory, Grenth took Dhuum's divinity and ascended to become the new God of Death. To reward his mortal companions for their assistance, he elevated them as the Seven Reapers, his immortal avatars, to govern the regions of the Underworld—the Bone Pits, Chaos Planes, Forgotten Vale, Ice Wastes, the Labyrinth, Spawning Pools, and Twin Serpent Mountains—in his name.[12] Under Grenth's guidance, resurrections were allowed, and human spirits were judged and moved on to their final resting place within the Underworld or in the other god realms such as the Fissure of Woe and Melandru's Lost Domain.[10] At some point Grenth appointed the Judge to watch over the Domain of the Lost, where spirits that had experienced a sudden and traumatic death ended into, and guide these spirits to find their name and purpose before sending them to their appointed afterlives.[13] Grenth also created Soul Binders to keep judged souls from escaping the Underworld.[14][15]

Some time after Mad King Thorn's death circa 825 AE,[16] his soul ended in a specific chaotic sub-section of the Underworld. Using his sorcery, Thorn eventually conquered this region and its denizens and began ruling it, and his dominion became known as the Mad Realm.[6]

The Underworld was attacked by Dhuum's army of dryders, ghosts, and skeletons circa 1072 AE. Thorn detected ominous changes in the Underworld and believed some ancient power to be at work. To set the Mad King's mind at ease, his steward tasked able mortal adventurers to contact King Frozenwind, one of Grenth's allies, to ascertain what was happening. Upon learning Frozenwind's dire news that Dhuum was stirring and trying to break free of his prison, the steward delivered the grim news to Thorn who was none too pleased about the outcome as Dhuum potentially usurping the throne of the Underworld would change the fundamental rules of life, death, and undeath.[11] Once Thorn was made aware of these recent developments, he ordered his steward to send emissaries to the Seven Reapers to learn more information about the coming of Dhuum and to ask the Reapers to rendezvous with King Frozenwind to assess the severity of the threat.[17]

Dhuum's army eventually ensnared the Seven Reapers and caused chaos in the Underworld, sending souls to torturous places like the Realm of Torment. To aid in the battle, mortal adventurers were allowed access to the Underworld to assist Grenth's forces. However, some arrived to plunder the Underworld's riches instead.[18] During this conflict, Dhuum regained strength through any death in the Underworld, and eventually broke free of his chains.[11] Though the Seven Reapers and their mortal allies did eventually manage to re-imprison Dhuum after weakening and imprisoning his minions with the assistance of Mad King Thorn's subjects, the new bindings were inefficient and the former God of Death managed to break free repeatedly from his imprisonment as he drew strength from the deaths of his minions and other spirits in the Underworld. The Mad King and his servants offered what little help they could once they learned about the severity of the threat that Dhuum's actions posed.[17][19]

In addition to this, the constant traveling between Tyria and the Underworld, along with the destruction of the Temple of the Ages, caused the barrier between the two realms to weaken, allowing Godslost Swamp, as well as other areas such as Blackroot Cut, to be overrun with portals to the Underworld.[20][21] Throughout Central Tyria, several creatures from the Underworld could be seen coming from such portals up to the present day. The most common of these were nightmares, but often imps and fleshreavers were seen as well.

Path of Fire[edit]

With the departure of the Six Gods, the gods' realms including the Underworld fell to chaos as demonic entities from the Mists made their way into places such as the Domain of the Lost. In addition to this, Balthazar and Palawa Joko had begun plundering souls from the Underworld in 1330 AE to increase the numbers of the Forged army, adding to the chaos that Grenth's servants struggled to contain.[4][22] In a bit of irony, the Mad Realm had seen little change beyond rivalry between Mad King Thorn and his son, the Bloody Prince Thorn.

Hall of Chains[edit]

In 1330 AE, a new portal to the Underworld appeared, and a mysterious spirit reached to mortal adventures with a plea for help to defeat an ancient foe threatening the realm. The spirit was eventually revealed to be Grenth's first follower, the Red Witch Desmina, who was assisted by the Seven Reapers and a squad of mortal raiders to defeat their mutual foe, Dhuum, who had broken free from his bonds and was feasting on the souls delivered by the River of Souls in preparation to take over the Underworld and invade the mortal realm. The former god of death was eventually sealed within the Hall of Chains but with a great cost of the lives of the Seven Reapers due to Desmina's alterations to the ritual, leaving the Underworld under the Red Witch's rule.

Living World Season 4[edit]

Kralkatorrik and islands from the Mists fall into the Unending Ocean, creating Dragonfall.

In 1331 AE, the Elder Dragon Kralkatorrik, having drained the magical energies of Balthazar in the Battle of Kodash Bazaar, managed to physically enter the Mists. For a year, the Elder Dragon feasted on the gods' realms, growing even more powerful as he battled Glint and her Mist Wardens, eventually consuming parts of the Domain of the Lost and forcing human souls out of the afterlives with some souls seeking refuge within the Sanctum in Kormir's Realm of Torment.[23]

After a fierce battle at Thunderhead Peaks left Kralkatorrik severely wounded, Aurene and the Pact Commander managed to chase down the Elder Dragon and force him out of the Mists in 1332 AE, along with a section of the Underworld that fell through Aurene's portal into Tyria. The shattered sections of the Underworld, Fissure of Woe and Melandru's Lost Domain partially buried Kralkatorrik and formed the island of Dragonfall in the Unending Ocean.


Recently departed human souls, who do not linger around in Tyria as ghosts, generally pass through the Underworld where they are judged and sent to their appointed afterlife depending on which of the Six Human Gods they have devoted themselves to; Abaddon's zealots ended up in the Realm of Torment at least since his fall from grace as would the followers of Abaddon's successor Kormir who tend to the great library in a region known as the Sanctum,[24] while Balthazar's followers enter the Fissure of Woe to fight the Eternal Battle. Non-human races are suggested to have their own afterlives, and it is unknown whether human and non-human spirits can access one another's afterlives easily or require intervention from powerful beings in the Underworld, or a temporary weakening of the barriers during a potential calamity in the Mists, to accomplish it.[8][25][26] Spirits of the Six Gods' non-human followers may also travel to their chosen faith's afterlife as seen with the dwarf Ural Highstone's soul being taken by an avatar of Dwayna,[27] and the centaur Eternal Forgemaster appearing in Balthazar's Fissure of Woe.

Most spirits find their own way to their fate when they die although some spirits suggest that Grenth or his lieutenants degree a spirit's final resting place once the spirit has entered the Hall of Judgment.[28] However, those whose deaths were too traumatic often forget who they were or how they perished, and they end up in the Domain of the Lost instead; this includes non-human spirits as well.[8][13] In Cantha, the Oracle of the Mists has traditionally selected deceased murderers to become envoys who are tasked with shepherding human spirits to the Underworld as a form of penance.[29][30]

In order to move on from the Domain of the Lost, the affected spirit must recover their name to know who they were and how they lived, and learn their purpose in order to understand the choices they made and why they lived as they did. The tasks that are required to complete both quests differ for each spirit based on their life choices: for example, a teacher might learn their name from the spirit of their mentor after besting them in a game of riddles and discover their purpose hidden in their old diary, while a soldier might have to fight other spirits trying to claim their name and then go on a walkabout to experience visions depicting their life's turning points. Once the spirits have succeeded at their task, they may approach the Judge who looks into their memories and sends them to their appointed afterlife.[13] Liches that travel to the Underworld or the Domain of the Lost before being slain cannot be judged as they are not fully dead to count as spirits.[31]

The Underworld is full of dangers for spirits, as demons, nightmares, and other monstrous creatures like dryders stalk spirits to feast on their essence. Tortured spirits may lose their sanity and turn hateful, transforming into nightmares.[32] Demons such as the Eater of Souls can consume hundreds of souls and digest soul energy in their stomachs although slaying such demons allows most of the consumed spirits to return to the Underworld relatively unharmed.[33] In worlds like the Realm of Torment, demons have chosen to not only feast on spirits' vital energy but their memories and emotions as well, although slaying the involved demons tends to restore the stolen memories and emotions back to their rightful owners.[34] However, spirits can experience what is known as "final death" if they are consumed by specific magic-eating entities like full or former gods such as Dhuum.[10]

Spirits of the dead can be summoned with various human and norn rituals mastered by necromancers while invoking the names of Grenth and Raven.[3] Opening portals to the Underworld is generally seen as dangerous because summoning a spirit may also attract ravenous demons and nightmares which attempt to enter the world of the living.[35]

Since the gods withdrew deeper into the Mists in the aftermath of the Ascension of Kormir, resurrection magic has waned and is no longer easily accessible via shrines unlike such magic's widespread use 250 years prior. While there are ways for the recently departed to return to life—such as being revived by an envoy,[30] using the Eternal Flame to bring back a soul from the Mists and merge it with a body,[36] lich magic,[37] or killing an Eater of Souls and drawing in some of the life energy of the souls released from its body[33]—these tend to be dangerous or magically complex acts, which is why successful resurrections are exceedingly rare in the present day.


The Underworld as seen through a portal in The End.

Laws of Tyrian physics do not apply in the Underworld. Trees grow while there is no sun to provide them with light and warmth, there is constant snowfall in certain regions like the Ice Wastes, and the River of Souls flows upstream.[38] Various statues of Grenth stand throughout the Underworld and are tied to the Seven Reapers; as long as the magical statues remain active and uncorrupted, travel through the Underworld is much safer.[39]

A map of the Underworld made in 1072 AE depicted a large chunk of the Underworld divided into regions. In this map the Hall of Judgment was located in the northwest while the Ice Wastes was in the northeast. Forgotten Vale lay in the west, and the Labyrinth was located in the center near the Twin Serpent Mountains. To the east lay the Bone Pits, the Spawning Pools stood in the southwest, while the Chaos Planes were located in the southeast. The Domain of the Lost was not visible on this map; its exact location within the Underworld is unknown.

According to some spirits' beliefs, a recently deceased human soul would end up in the Hall of Judgment where Grenth or one his lieutenants examines the soul and chooses its destination. During Dhuum's attempted invasion in 1072 AE, however, several lost souls entered the Underworld via the Labyrinth instead,[28] and some of these souls were escorted to the Forgotten Vale where they would be safe from ravenous demonic creatures.[40]

The Mad King's Realm appears to either exist on a separate plane within the Underworld or in a distant region within the greater realm. It is chaotic and seems to have been partly shaped by Mad King Thorn's magic since his arrival there as it contains various landmarks tied to him such as Castle Thorn, the Mad King's Clock Tower and the Mad King's Labyrinth.[41]



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