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Devourers are scorpion-like arachnids with two tails. They have been seen in both the western and eastern edges of Tyria, thriving in arid and humid areas. Primarily carrion eaters, devourers have a tendency to swarm towards battlefields and other locations of mass deaths. They have a long history of being tamed by the charr, both for battle and gladiatorial entertainment purposes, who were the first known to tame devourers.

Like many arthropods, devourers thrive in colonies surrounding queens which focus on laying eggs.

Some devourers can grow to gargantuan sizes, with stingers capable of launching siege-like attacks. In the past, they were used as siege mounts by the charr, but now have mostly been replaced by mechanical tanks.


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Pet Power.png Precision.png Toughness.png Vitality.png Condition Damage.png Unique skill Aquatic skill
Juvenile Lashtail Devourer 1524 1524 2898 2211 1000 Rending Barbs.png Rending Barbs Lashtail Venom.png Lashtail Venom
Juvenile Whiptail Devourer 1524 1524 2898 2211 1000 Poison Barbs.png Poison Barbs Poison Cloud (whiptail devourer).png Poison Cloud
Juvenile Carrion Devourer 1524 1524 2898 2211 1000 Poisonous Cloud.png Poisonous Cloud Regenerate (carrion devourer).png Regenerate

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Gwwlogo.png The Guild Wars Wiki has an article on Devourer.
  • Rangers can charm the juvenile versions of some devourers as amphibious pets.
  • A charr ranger may choose a pet devourer at the biography step during character creation.
  • They have higher armor than most other pets and have a ranged auto attack (about 600 to 900)
  • A list of devourer skills can be located here.

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