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Ziya the Radiant

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Ziya the Radiant


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Ziya the Radiant's Location in Sun's Refuge after defeating Vemyen.

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Vemyen, Vemyen. To think our rivalry would end that way. You had a soft spot for the weak. Well, I'll be softer. I'll protect everyone you couldn't. Eat that, you old fireball.

Ziya the Radiant

Ziya the Radiant is a water djinn who travels to Sun's Refuge after the Pact Commander helps her find and defeat her Branded djinn acquaintance Vemyen.


Early years[edit]

Ziya and Vemyen were djinn who became rivals, stealing each other's artifacts before reuniting and returning the items and then repeating the process every hundred years. Ziya in particular wanted to prove herself better in every way and often taunted Vemyen, mocking him for his interest in mortals. She trapped Vemyen in what she claimed had been a bottle 500 years ago but later learned that he had escaped his prison somehow much to her confusion. The latest theft between the pair occurred in 1231 AE, and Ziya became eager to meet Vemyen again so she could return the stolen item, a ring, and receive her item, a staff, back as well as scold him once more.

Living World Season 4[edit]

Ziya arrived at Kodonur Temple in Jahai Bluffs in 1331 AE, only to find no trace of Vemyen despite their promise to meet there on that exact day. After asking around and learning that the local djinn had not seen Vemyen either, she grew angry at Vemyen being late and convinced the exploring Pact Commander and other adventurers to accompany her on a quest to find Vemyen, promising to entrap the djinn in a bottle and then hand him over to the adventurers to be their slave as punishment for tardiness.

The party eventually located Vemyen who was hiding in the remote Claw Den in the midst of the Elder Dragon Kralkatorrik's extended Dragonbrand. Vemyen pleaded for Ziya to leave after he was forced to reveal himself in his worsened state, but Ziya believed that his appearance as Branded was a trick because she was certain that djinn could not be Branded. However, she realized she was wrong when Vemyen attacked her and the party, and she had to focus on casting a protective shield to stop the damaging effects of the Brand while the rest of the party fought Vemyen. However, the Branded djinn turned out to be a powerful adversary, and in the end Ziya had to drop her shield and leave the party members to protect themselves on their own terms.

During the clash Ziya discovered that the Brandstones which Vemyen was drawing power from were connected via a specific resonance, and urged the adventurers to break them so they could damage the Branded djinn. In the end Ziya and the adventurers won and witnessed Vemyen's last moments where the dying djinn thanked them for freeing him and asked Ziya to take both her staff and his ring and keep them as mementos. Ziya could do nothing but watch in disbelief as her nemesis and friend faded away but she did not allow herself time to grieve. She conversed with the Pact Commander afterwards, stating that she would keep her word by aiding the Commander in the late Vemyen's place. The Commander gratefully accepted Ziya's help and invited her to Sun's Refuge, and Ziya eagerly traveled to the sanctuary as she now had a personal vendetta against the Kralkatorrik whose Brand had taken Vemyen from her.

While in Sun's Refuge, Ziya met with the Commander's companion Braham Eirsson who was curious to learn why most djinn were immune to being Branded, and she occasionally answered some of his questions vaguely while at other times she let him wait for a response as she dedicated herself to more pressing matters. Resolving to both honor and taunt Vemyen's memory by becoming a better protector of mortals than he had ever been, Ziya asked the Commander to gather samples of sand, which had been corrupted by the fallen god Abaddon's magic, from around Elona. She used the Commander's findings to further her research on how to imbue djinn's Brand resistance on mortals as well as discover why some djinn like Vemyen had become vulnerable to the Brand. Her research also led her to create jackal pups which kept her and Braham company in Sun's Refuge.[1]

At one point, the Commander asked Ziya what she wanted to say to Vemyen if they could speak one last time. Reminiscing of their time together, Ziya revealed that she finally understood Vemyen's love for mortals, and would forgive him for it. When she wondered why the Commander had asked her such a specific question despite Vemyen being gone, however, the Commander chose to sidestep her inquiry by claiming to just want to know the late djinn better. However, unbeknownst to Ziya, the real reason for the Commander's inquiry was to deliver Ziya's words to Vemyen's past self via a temporal anomaly at the Ancestor Tree to give the two djinn closure.


Crystal Desert

Event involvement[edit]

Event shield (tango icon).png Defend Ziya as she searches for Vemyen (80)
Event swords (tango icon).png Shatter the Brandstone before it explodes (80)
Event boss (tango icon).png Defeat the Branded djinn Vemyen (80)

Combat abilities[edit]

  • Elemental Armor

DefianceLocked defiance bar

  • Disoriented.png Disoriented - This creature is not in its right mind.
  • Djinn's Protection.png Complete Focus - Ziya is channeling her whole self into her shield and cannot be attacked by foes.
  • Water Armor.png Water Armor - Regenerate health, and remove a condition every second. Decreased damage taken.


In Jahai Bluffs[edit]

If Defend Ziya as she searches for Vemyen is ready
A hundred years ago, the djinn Vemyen stole an artifact from me. And well, I stole one from him. We were supposed to return them to each other today.
Talk more option tango.png You think he's backed out of the plan.
He should have the courtesy to tell me himself. When I find him, I'll stick him in a bottle.
Talk more option tango.png That seems extreme.
Vemyen deserves it. Anyway, I'll need somewhere to put him. You look like a hero. Heroes can always use an angry djinn in a bottle, right?
Talk ready option.png Uh... sure.
Talk end option tango.png I can't think of any use for one now.
Talk end option tango.png Good luck with that.
Talk end option tango.png He'll turn up eventually.

In Sun's Refuge[edit]

If In a Grain of Sand is locked
I'm here to make good on my promise, outlander. You helped me find Vemyen. Now I'll help you.
Talk more option tango.png I know what he meant to you.
We spent centuries despising each other. Now I don't know what I'll do without him. However, Vemyen cared about mortals. I will carry that caring on for him.
Talk more option tango.png How?
We djinn can shield ourselves from the Brand. It's not perfect—I still don't understand what happened to Vemyen—but I want to give others that power as well.
Talk more option tango.png Can I help?
I believe the key lies in corrupted sand, and I'll need your help to gather it. Djinn have turned these sands to their own purposes before—creating jackals, for example.
Talk collection option.png How do I find this sand for you? (unlocks collection: In a Grain of Sand)
Here's a compass. Well it looks like a compass, but the needle will point you to any sand corrupted by Abaddon's magic. Abaddon's reach was vast—you'll find these sands all over Elona.
Talk more option tango.png What do I do when I find the sand?
Bottle it and bring it back to me. I have a few experiments in mind.
Talk end option tango.png Okay.
Talk end option tango.png Thank you.
Talk end option tango.png Okay.
Talk end option tango.png I appreciate it.
Talk end option tango.png I appreciate it.
(If The Convergence of Sorrow II: Requiem is unlocked, but Story of a Djinn is locked) [verification requested]
Talk more option tango.png If, somehow, you could speak to Vemyen one last time, what would you say?
Ha, what a question. I'd tell him I forgive him for his love of mortals. That I understand it now. Vemyen's always been rabidly fascinated by them. He has a coin collection, did you know that?
Talk more option tango.png I didn't know.
He was a bit of a squirrel when it came to human junk. I mocked him for it, relentlessly. Stole and hid his yarns, his cheap novels, his pressed flowers... Why do you ask?
Talk end option tango.png Oh, no reason. Just to know him better, I guess. (gives progress to collection The Convergence of Sorrow II: Requiem)
Talk end option tango.png I appreciate it.
During In a Grain of Sand
I still need more corrupt sand. Look all over Elona and bring me what you find.
Talk more option tango.png Remind me, what was the plan?
I believe the key lies in corrupted sand, and I'll need your help to gather it. Djinn have turned these sands to their own purposes before—creating jackals, for example.
Talk more option tango.png I lost the tool you gave me. (if Sand Compass is not in inventory. same as "How do I find this sand for you?" above)
Talk more option tango.png What am I doing with the corrupted sand again? (if Sand Compass is in inventory. same as "What do I do when I find the sand?")
Talk end option tango.png Okay.
(If The Convergence of Sorrow II: Requiem is unlocked, but Story of a Djinn is locked)
Talk more option tango.png If, somehow, you could speak to Vemyen one last time, what would you say? (same as above)
Talk end option tango.png I will.
If In a Grain of Sand is finished
You've brought me plenty of corrupted sand. Now it's time for arcane experiments. For Vemyen's sake, I'll find a way to help you resist the Brand.
Talk more option tango.png Any progress?
I believe I've figured out a way to imbue a minor Brand resistance into other living creatures—but it's unproven. Hmm...perhaps you can be my test subject...(grants the Protection from Branded effect to account)
Talk end option tango.png Count on me.
Talk end option tango.png I look forward to it. Thank you for your help.

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